Glasgow Police Ban Use of the Term “Cult” With Respect to Cult of Scientology

[Note: The terms “cult” and “Scientology” will be used profusely in this posting]

In an affront to free speech and honesty, Glasgow police have banned the labeling of the Cult of Scientology as a cult.

This is truly despicable. The Cult of Scientology is absolutely a cult. A quick search of definitions of the term “cult” will provide a rough and ready sketch of what the Cult of Scientology is – a cult. It has a leader, L. Ron Hubbard, who presented himself as infallible and is apparently deemed to be so by his followers. He and his members have consistently cited the Cult of Scientology as mankind’hs only hope. They have also espoused “LRH Technology” as being perfect; if it doesn’t work for you, it’s your fault and/or the fault of suppressive people in your life. It espouses an us/them mentality to its members and encourages and in some cases forces disconnection from outsiders. It has an “ends justify the means” mentality, as evinced by its Fair Game policy which allows for perceived enemies of the cult to be destroyed utterly by cult members, without reprisal. Its founder and members have claimed exclusive acccess to truths regarding reality, health and human well-being. These supposed truths are held by the grand majority of society, including relevant scientific and professional bodies, to be false, unorthodox and nonscientific. Lastly, it has a long and loaded history of abuse, harassment, exploitation, criminality, and deceit toward members, ex-members, critics, inquiring journalists and government bodies and representatives deemed to be potential or actualized trouble sources with respect to the cult’s goals.

Anyone who knows anything about the anti-Scientology movement already knows that this free speech and honesty suppressing policy will not be taken lightly. The fallout of this policy is readily anticipatable: protesters will use the term (cult) more, not less; local and non-local protesters will bombard this police department with communications (contact info presented below); and the ultimate result will be increased negative publicity for the Cult of Scientology and an eventual rescinding of this policy.

Contact Glasgow Police:

The Cult of Scientology is a cult.

3 Responses to “Glasgow Police Ban Use of the Term “Cult” With Respect to Cult of Scientology”
  1. Tony Konrath says:

    In the UK the police can’t ban anything – let alone free speech.

    What seems to be happening is that they are saying that the use of the word “cult” is likely to lead to a breach of the peace. That means that you are using free speech to incite civil unrest, cause a riot etc.

    You have a choice here. Stop the behaviour or speech, continue it. If you continue you are either arrested or issued with a demand that you appear in court. Then you go in front of a bench of magistrates or to a court with a jury (your choice) to decide if your action was lawful and the police made a mistake.

    It’s the UK’s way of testing what is acceptable behaviour NOT the police banning anything. They simply ask you to consider what you are doing (sometimes rather forcefully I admit) and then take the consequences of that action.

    Remember that you can be arrested for shouting racial slurs or screaming about “Queers” and those are actionable in exactly the same way. It works rather well!

  2. I wonder… What would be the reprecussions of holding a sign that said “Police banned the word ‘Cult’ for Scientology”?

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