Plymouth Scientolology Head, Vicky Boyce, is a THIEF!

Head of Plymouth, England Cult of Scientology Org, Vicky Boyce, was caught on tape stealing and refusing to return the signs of cult protesters. This is yet another incidence of Scientology heads caught on tape behaving badly in the name of their criminal cult.

More Scientology leaders behaving badly:

Recently, New York City Cult of Scientology Head “Reverend” John Carmichael called a protester a “pussy” and later accused the protesters to “come out of the closet”.

In this third video, the Canadian Head of Scientology, “Reverend” Yvette Shank, tells a protester that Scientology could, “if they wanted to”, find out where she lives.

Here is Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis, along with associates, harassing and spying on BBC journalist John Sweeney during the filming of the Panorama special Scientology & Me back in 2005.

These are some of the highest figures within Scientology: regional heads and a major media spokesperson. Theft, insults, vulgarity, threats, harassment, spying, and lying are hardly the sorts of things that one would expect from an organization that claims to be about truth and helping humanity, but it is exactly what we would expect from a malicious cult.

Spread these videos around, talk about them with peers, and keep raising the collective consciousness on this malevolent terrorist organization.

For more on Scientology, see Xenu.Net, or the large collection of articles here at The Frame Problem.

One Response to “Plymouth Scientolology Head, Vicky Boyce, is a THIEF!”
  1. Truth will be the ruin of all Scientologists.

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