Off to Korea

Greetings all,

I’ll not be posting over the next 2 days or so as I’m about to fly off to Korea for what is expected to be a 1 or 2 year stay.

Since I usually post just about everyday, I figured I’d leave a quick note about this absence so people don’t start suspecting that Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs has taken me down…

In addition to my regular expository posts on Scientology, unsecularism, and criticisms of faith, I’ll probably also start mixing in some posts on the life and times of a 25 year old Canadian expat in South Korea.

Have a good few days.


5 Responses to “Off to Korea”
  1. Colin says:

    All the best Ron,

    My 2 years in Japan were truly life-changing. Immerse yourself.


  2. Bruce says:

    What…. They don’t have INTERNET in Korea yet….?


    In any case…

    You will be missed!

  3. Stoobs says:

    Now this has been posted, it’s the perfect time for scientology operatives to take him down, because no one will even suspect for days!

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Stoobs: Haha! Good point šŸ™‚

    Colin: Many thanks for the kind words. I definitely plan on immersing myself.

    Bruce: Thanks, pal.

  5. ozatheist says:

    L. Ron, by the time you read this I guess you’ll be there. Good luck in Korea, will be very different to Canada, and a bit warmer too. Will look forward to your take on the Koreans religious/spiritual beliefs. Are there any Scientologists in Korea?

    You’re not actually on the run from CoS are you šŸ˜‰

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