The Epic Battle With Scientology: Join The Cause

5 Responses to “The Epic Battle With Scientology: Join The Cause”
  1. ozatheist says:


    I still want to know where you get those masks from?

  2. Powerful video.

    Here’s an old article, but an interesting one.

  3. wordsseldomsaid says:

    man, you seriously need a girl friend, hobby or puppy or something dude…lol….

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Looks like I just got owned.

    I honestly don’t blame you for that comment. With the amount I post, it’s a pretty automatic thought, I’m sure. In honesty, I’ve been recovering from an injury and am essentially 100% now and am just waiting to begin working in a few days on the other side of the world. Between working, taking in a new culture and all the rest, my posting here will necessarily decrease in frequency.

    Perhaps I’ll start gravitating toward doing more big picture integrative pieces rather than reporting on single events… Who knows…

  5. thisbusymonster says:

    *Epic* may be a bit of an overstatement. One scummy corporation doesn’t really compare to something like the civil rights movement in the US 40 years ago, or with the war in Europe where millions died fighting fascism.

    Still, as long as you are having fun with it……

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