Toronto Anons’ Close Scientology Org in 2 minutes. An Open Challenge.

A small flash flier raid on Tuesday outside of the Toronto Scientology building led Scientologists to close down the building in 2 minutes! Maybe this is why Scientology is floundering. L. Ron Hubbard said that Scientologists must confront and shatter suppression. I’m not sure that closing down the building, hiding from protesters (or Suppressive Persons), and disingenuously crying “hate crime, hate crime”, “religious persecution, religious persecution”, satisfies L Ron Hitler’s directive.

In 2 minutes fifty seconds the org was completely closed. Every curtain drawn so that the peaceful protesters could not see in, but (presumably) more importantly so that the few handfuls of Scientologists inside could not see out. Actually, I reckon that the most important function that this fetal position defense serves is to coincide with the cult administration’s propaganda campaign to present themselves to their members, the media, authorities and the uninformed members of the general population as a beleaguered religious minority that is being targeted by vicious bigots.

This small group of Toronto Anonymous protesters has introduced a global challenge for Anons: How fast can you (legally, peacefully and ethically) inspire the closing of your local Scientology org? 

For more on Scientology, click here.

One Response to “Toronto Anons’ Close Scientology Org in 2 minutes. An Open Challenge.”
  1. What on earth did many of our politicians assume would be likely to come to pass to our credit score when they conduct themselves really like poker players with our country’s economy? they have functioned much like spoiled young kids and need to be pleased they’re not swinging from lampposts due to their disgraceful behaviour.

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