Quick Post: Just walked by Toronto CoS

I’m currently downtown. I just walked by the Toronto CoS on the way to meet someone. Unsurprisingly, when I looked in as I was passing by, what I saw was the absolute bare minimum number of people were in there: 2. One Scientologist to man the bookstore sales desk, and one to man the desk at the intersection of the entrance to the mainfloor bookstore/customer service area and the elevators. A few minutes later I crossed paths with one of the more well-known Toronto Scientology staffers on the street. I won’t specify his name. I’ll just say that he is Asian and in one funny doctored image, was made to look like a fairy princess. I didn’t say anything to him. Anyhoo…

Quick comment on the building. This thing is in ROUGH SHAPE. Today for perhaps the first time I saw it from the backside in addition to the front and street-facing side sides. In many ways the CoS building is a metaphor for the CoS itself. The mainfloor customer service area looks very nice, welcoming, successful and yada yada yada. But when you take a look around and up, things get decidely more bleak. As you go up the organization and the building, things get more and more disgusting. When you look behind the face of the organization, or at the less salient backside of the building, you realize that help is needed immediately. Whether it’s by a building inspector, the police, or 10,000 moral crusaders – something has got to be done.

One Response to “Quick Post: Just walked by Toronto CoS”
  1. Karen says:

    Pity Toronto is on very stable land. Here in California, we have earthquakes from time to time to get rid of buildings like that.

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