Scilons Target British Blogger

A British blogger has apparently been targeted by e-Scilons. After running this post on the London Anonymous protester Epic Nose Guy’s Court Summons for displaying a sign which (accurately) called Scientology a dangerous cult, the blogger received this message from his web host 1 & 1:

Dear *******, (Customer ID: ******) Thank you for continuing to use 1&1 Internet. We sincerely apologize for contacting you regarding this matter, but multiple complaints have been directed to us regarding a recent entry on your site Right Where You Are Sitting Now! – Exploring the Underground and Counterculture…so you don\’t have to! Please call us re: at your earliest convieniance (lol they can’t spell) quoting your customer reference number ********. In the meantime, if you would consider temporarily removing the entry, we would appreciate it.

Upon contacting 1 & 1, the blogger learned that all of the complaints came within the span of one hour and only two of the complainers left a name. What were the names, you ask? The first was “Mark Bunker”. Heh. Cute. For those of you who do not know, Mark is only one of the world’s most well-known critics of the Cult of Scientology. The second name wasn’t nearly as chuckle-inducing. It was the name of the blogger’s mother. This is just plain creepy.

Once the blogger explained all of this to 1&1, they dropped it and chalked up the complaints as a prank. Not really a prank, though. To use new underground Internet slang, suppressing critical speech is the new black for Scientology. It’s the in thing. Anybody who’s anybody is doing it! They’ve been doing it for a while in Clearwater. Heck, they’re trying it again RIGHT NOW! They’ve also tried it in Philadelphia. As a Toronto Anon accurately declared on her sign this past Saturday at Operation: FairGameStop, CULTS HATE TRUTH.

But the blogger is nevertheless understandably a little freaked out by how one of the plaintants gave his mother’s name. He has had a bit of a history with the cult, having been harassed while researching them (e.g., their personality test) during his Master’s Degree research. As he has surely learned by now, and as the Cult of Scientology administration is learning more and more by the day, when CoS tries to silence one critic they have to deal with ALL OF THEM. What this means in this case is that their attempts to have his post taken down will have the same effect as their attempts to take down their hysterical Tom Cruise video: many times more people will see what CoS does not want them to see. Their gun just doesn’t seem to run out of bullets for their feet, does it?

For more on Scientology, click here.

10 Responses to “Scilons Target British Blogger”
  1. Delany says:

    Hi, Ron. I am a psychologist who specializes in and teaches about psychological personality assessment (the real stuff, like the MMPI, etc.). I went to this UK blog because I was interested in what he may have done in the way of research into scientology’s “personality test,” but his blog set-up won’t let me comment, and I don’t have any contact info for him. If you are in contact with him, maybe you could send me something by email (my contact info is on my blog).

    Great work!


    Delany Dean, PhD

  2. Why would you namefag this guy?
    To what end did you print his name?
    Did you ask him if he wanted to be identified by you?
    He’s posted on enturb as anon, so that should be a clue.
    Very uncool.

  3. JimboMcJim says:


  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Dear Anons who have posted here in frustration:

    Lets get this straight: The blogger name-fagged himself!!!

    Go to his blog – follow the link. If you do, you will find his name in 3 seconds just like I did. Go to the About section. There it is!

    The blogger is being a fucking moron. He creates a blog, includes in it an About section in which he clearly specifies his full name, and then he gets upset when I cite his name. I didn’t cite his name to cause him any anguish. I did it because it’s a part of blogger ethics to cite one’s sources. This blogger clearly is not an anonymous blogger, so I cited him.

    And now he has complained and I have de-cited him.

    But lets be clear on this: I have done him ZERO harm. ZERO. If Scientology wanted to pursue him, they would have had to look no further than his own site.

  5. ozatheist says:

    oops about the name, but you are in the right L. Ron.

    Actually I’m a bit disappointed that you got hammered here and at enturb. We are supposed to use the truth and do proper research people. By the time I got here L. Ron has deleted all names, but a quick look at the site in question you can still see “his” name, plus a few of his mates names!!

    I hope the people who criticised have checked the facts and apologise.

    I don’t know L. Ron from a bar of soap but he appears to be genuinely concerned about the cult of CoS and has done a lot to promote Anon and other anti-CoS activities.

    Perhaps a lesson here will be learnt by all?

  6. ozatheist says:

    Interestingly I was talking to the OH the other day telling her about how CoS targets people and tries to destroy their lives. She couldn’t see how they could do that or why they’d care. I must get her to read this blog.

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