Scientology’s Internal Training in Robbery, Infiltration, Bribery & Blackmail

This well-produced video featuring former Office of Special Affairs (OSA; i.e., Scientology’s own CIA) agent Frank Oliver reviews Scientology training documents covering such churchly operatives as breaking and entering through doors and safes, and blackmail. Oliver also describes the structure and operations of OSA, its role in Scientology, and how it has been described by former head of the Los Angeles office of the FBI as one of the most effective intelligence operations in the United States, “rivaling even that of the FBI”.

For more on Scientology, click here.

10 Responses to “Scientology’s Internal Training in Robbery, Infiltration, Bribery & Blackmail”
  1. Frank Oliver’s internal OSA file – from training to SP declare – can be found at . It includes OSA training material as well as details of his own activities.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    ToX: Just read through some of it – e.g., his certificates, some of the letters sent to him (e.g.,from the person in Vancouver wanting his collaboration in getting a particular “Psych” arrested; data on phone calls from a row of pay phones; etc.), and of course his Suppressive Person declare.

  3. d says:

    It’s shocking to me that the media and the public at large do NOT find this disturbing. I find it incredibly disturbing, and the only thing MORE disturbing is a our own government’s apathy.

    Nice work.

  4. DJ says:

    Get rid of that ridiculous percussion in the video. It is not only annoying it makes hearing the vocals nearly impossible.

  5. unnikuttan says:

    why does nobody stop the group.

  6. mstmha says:

    At least now we know how they escaped a billion dollar tax lien.

    • dragon devil says:

      Y y would we let our country fall farther then courage, bravery, justice, liberty, freedom, all, gone to become a target in the death of youth in u me and all who live

      • mstmha says:

        Simply put…It is Human Greed. Unfortunately, we are dealing with those that lack conscience and humane understanding. Their selfishness is unreal to the point of not seeming human at all.

        ‘Normal’, ‘Healthy’ people do believe in liberty and the pursuit of justice, but, unfortunately, it is the norm in our societies that they are destroying. Like some children, they, even as adults, lack the ability to ‘share’ and they do not want to feel over-powered by anyone outside of their own circles.
        Power, to them, is their overall objective. It could be that pushing power is all that they know or maybe they have never had it, so when they get their first break, they take full advantage of it.

        It is pretty pitiful to see so many adults act so childish but it is very real. Sociopathism and schizophrenia are both incurable, dangerous diseases but they may now have society believe that their diseases behaviors are simply normal when, we all know, it is not.

        For persuasion purposes, they find ways of trapping those that are ‘good at heart’ and use many tactics to beat their filth into us until it is, then, acceptable or… until you just give in for the sake of peace no matter if they were right or wrong.

        Unfortunately, Scientology’s brainwashing tactics are only one out of many hateful methods in order that they may gain’ total control’. It is very sad.

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