Scientologists EXPOSED Trying to Stop Anon Protests in Clearwater (UPDATED)

A group of Clearwater merchants located near the local Cult of Scientology base have produced a petition asking Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard to prevent local Anonymous protesters of the cult from protesting. In reading this petition, it is very clear that Scientology is behind this. The contents of the letter are so completely Scientologized (i.e., full of lies that serve the interests of the Cult of Scientology – feel free to add this term to Urban Dictionary, by the way) as to remove any sense of mystery regarding the primary driving factor behind the petition and the signatures on it.

 The meat of the petition, with personal commentary inserted [in parentheses and italics]:

“In the last months, a group of masked protesters have come to downtown Clearwater to demonstrate. They have told the media and the City that they are peacefully protesting. This is far from the truth and their actions are detrimental to the conduct of business in downtown. There have been three protests, and in each they walked through the downtown area yelling and screaming.

Their actions have prevented customers from coming in our stores [Prevented? What, are they standing in front of merchants’ doors taunting or blocking customers?]. Saturday is a very busy day for us commerce-wise and having literally no sales for those three days hurts our economy and not just our personal economies. We have employees that need to be paid. We charge sales tax. These people are making it difficult for us to attract customers downtown [Oh, well a thousand apologies, dignified merchants. From now on protesters will try to organize their efforts against abusive deceitful terrorist cults in a manner that is more convenient to your bottom line].

The City of Clearwater is putting a lot of effort into revitalizing downtown and we hate to see it wasted due to a group of kids who should be using their time to build the community, not trying to tear it down [This is a classic instance of Clearwater Scientology political rhetoric. I stomached this deluded line of argumentation multiple times while watching Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker’s videos of Clearwater City Commission Meetings, as a means of making socially conscious citizen cult whistle-blowers look like they’re the bad guys while Scientology is just the poor little kid brother who wants to help]. We do not like having them here and they, with their masks, odd costumes, chanting and yelling, are not welcome.

I do not know if the City has a law to prevent people such as this from stopping commerce as they have been doing. They do have the right to peacefully protest, but they are in no way peaceful [They’re not? What charges have been laid? On what rational grounds should a mayor override the freedom of assembly and speech of protesters of a dangerous cult who only maintain anonymity out of reasonable fear of being Fair Game’d? On what grounds do we say that what this group is doing is so destructive as to warrant overriding some of their most fundamental rights – rights foundational to America?]. They are intimidating our customers (both non-Scientologists and Scientologists alike) and we do not appreciate it [Really? How so? Anonymous protesters have made significant efforts to publicize the reasons for their masks and their protests. And yes, I can understand that 100 masked individuals can be perturbing. But the reason for the masks is downright terrifying. If you want to get rid of the masks why not work on applying the law to the “Church” of Scienterrorism].”

So Who Signed The Petition?

There are a total of 37 signatures.

Are they all Owners? NO! In fact, reading through the petition, only about 11 signatures are clearly those of owners. A few signatures came from managers, so lets be nice and count them, too. That brings the total to 14. There are a number of signatures that do not specify the role of the signatory. Some of these may be managers or owners. However, there are also signatures from one person who simply listed them self as “Clearwater resident”, three signatures from employees of a single establishment, and a number of other signatures from people who have last names different from the last name given in the store name. From this, it looks like we might have somewhere around 20-22 signatures from managers and owners.

Were all entries legible and complete? No. A number of entries are indecipherable chicken scratch, one person simply listed her first name (what is this, fifth grade?), and one person scribbled her first name and the initial of her surname (I guess there must have been two people with the same name in this middle school class).

Might any of the signatories just happen to be Scientologists?  The answer is Yes. Using Truth About Scientology‘s listings of Scientology course completions, I found that at the very least 57% of the legible signatures on this petition (over 1/3 of signatures were illegible) were of people who have taken Scientology courses – usually quite a few of them. More specifically, of the 37 signatures 23 were readable and 13 of the signatories were found to have taken Scientology courses. All other signatories’ Scientology status is unknown. Important: I was initially going to post the names of all legible signatories here, along with links verifying those said to have taken Scientology courses. However, I have decided to remove this from the post out of fear of possible harassment from the cult. If I can be given reason to be confident that I will not be hassled, I may post them – I have saved the linked list on my hard drive.

UPDATE: Thanks to David Mudkips for notifying me of the hard investigative work that Anons on Enturbulation.Org put into figuring out any potential ties of signatories to Scientology. This group of Anons has thus far found that at least 73% of legible signatures are of Scientologists. Moreover, in some cases the businesses sold Scientology-related products and/or were listed in Scientology’s World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) directory.

So how do these numbers compare to census data? While Scientologists made up at least 73 percent of the petition signatories, Scientologists only make up around 11% of Clearwater citizens – and this was before the protests. What an interesting coincidence that the population subset that wishes to thwart protests against Scientology just happens to have a proportion of Scientologists that is more than 6.5 times that of the City!

Note: It is definitely conceivable that just because the people above are known to have taken Scientology does not necessarily mean that they are Scientologists. However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if they’ve taken courses and are signing this document which makes claims that seemingly only a person committed to Scientology would make, they’re probably a Scientologist. And if that’s not good enough reason for you, I can just say that I’m following Scientology’s lead of calling anyone who has ever taken a single Scientology course at any point a Scientologist.


Lets call a spade a spade. This petition is hardly about economics. The petition is clearly motivated primarily by Scientology. The proportion of signatories who are Scientologists exceeds the proportion of Scientologists in all of Clearwater by more than 650%. The fallacious accusations and political rhetoric are the sorts used consistently and exclusively by Scientologists.

Next Course of Action:

To e-mail my findings to Mayor Frank Hibbard. On it!

For more on Scientology, click here.

8 Responses to “Scientologists EXPOSED Trying to Stop Anon Protests in Clearwater (UPDATED)”
  1. David Mudkips says:

    Go back and have a look at the first page of the thread again. After many hours of work by many Anons, it only appears ALL but 8 (of the legible entries) have now been confirmed as belonging to Scientologists, or the business named is in the WISE directory as Scientologist owned.

  2. Mark Bunker says:

    When I lived in Clearwater a huge push was made to give over the downtown to a developer. The St. Pete Times did a survey that said something like 80% of the people thought it would only benefit Scientology and fully 100% said they would not come downtown even if it was redeveloped.

    So I suggest another petition. One that asks the mayor to remove Scientology from the downtown to improve the business climate of the city.

  3. Bruce says:

    Excellent blog.


    Has ever given you any trouble or grief about anti-Scientology posts?

  4. L. Ron Brown says:



    I’m happy to say that WP has not said a word to me. In fact, a number of my Scientology-related posts have been highly-promoted by WordPress on the mainpage 🙂

  5. G Allen says:

    I find it terribly ironic that the same organization which (IMO) incidentally drives businesses out of Downtown Clearwater (as apposed to nearby Saint Petersburg, Largo, and Belleair which all have thriving downtown areas,) would suggest a few hundred people coming into town, once a month would be interfering with business.

    …After putting up identical “No Anonymus members will be served” signs.

    Back where I come from, we used to call that kind of stuff a “racket.”

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