Munich Anons Egged By Scientologist?!

Munich, Germany Anonymous protester claims that a Scientologist was caught and assigned a court date for hurling eggs at protesters on Saturday, May 10 at Operation: FairGameStop.

I’ll try to keep up on the news on this case. If anyone hears anything on this, please provide links in comment section.

For more on Scientology from The Frame Problem, click here.

3 Responses to “Munich Anons Egged By Scientologist?!”
  1. Excellent video. I was very moved by it. Ex-Scienos and Anonymouses’ in Munich kudos to you all.

  2. munich anon says:

    we were egged. thats for sure. almost no collateral. was funny. and brought us 10 cops for protection 🙂

    thanks scilons. we coudnt have wished for more attention 🙂

  3. judy says:

    God Bless Anonymous and scientology Critics.

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