Battle Creek, Michigan Scientology Protesters: Where Were You?

This message is to Scientology dissidents of Battle Creek, Michigan. Where were you yesterday!? I just checked out Ed Brayton’s popular ScienceBlogs blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars, where I read that the Battle Creek protest was effectively a no-show. Aside from Ed, there was one other person there – who may well have been there in good part to meet Ed!

This was a good opportunity to spread the word on Scientology, as Ed was attending in order to interview Battle Creek Anons for a piece on Dispatches, which would have no doubt been read by thousands of people. I am not privy to Brayton’s traffic stats, but judging from the number of visitors that come to The Frame Problem when he drops a link, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets around 5,000 hits a day. Furthermore, having one of the more visited blogs on Seed Magazine‘s ScienceBlogs may have helped move the Scientology protest up a few notches on the agendas of other ScienceBlog bloggers, many of whom are also read by thousands of surfers a day.

If any Battle Creek Anons read this, perhaps leave a comment in the comment section of his post and maybe an interview could be worked out…

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