Tory Christman refutes Tommy Davis’ claims on CNN

Tommy Davis, PR rep of the Cult of Scientology, appeared on CNN’s American Morning today with John Roberts. In this interview he is questioned on disconnection, the cult’s beliefs, space aliens, and Anonymous. Here is the video:

This, by the way, is the same Tommy Davis that tenaciously harassed and appeared to coordinate the persistent spying on of BBC journalist John Sweeney and his team during the filming the BBC Panorama special Scientology and Me:


It did not take long for ex-Scientologist and dedicated critic Tory Christman to go public with her refutation along with a request to for her or another knowledgeable critic such as Mark Bunker to be invited onto CNN to respond on national TV to Davis’ claims.

If you want to see Tory appear on American Morning to offer the insights that 30 years of experience in the cult, having been declared a Suppressive Person for leaving and then protesting the cult, and having been disconnected by all of her Scientologist friends and divorced by her Scientologist husband, write CNN a quick note to let them know here!

And don’t forget that the next international day of protest against the criminal and unethical practices of the Cult of Scientology is TOMORROW, Saturday May 10, at CoS locations everywhere!

For more on Scientology, click here.

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