Scientology has lost its wealthiest member, James Packer

Glosslip has just relayed from the Sydney Morning Herald that the Cult of Scientology has lost its wealthiest member: billionaire Australian James Packer. Associates of Packer have confirmed that he has been making efforts to distance himself from the organization, during its time of controversy over its strong stance against psychiatry (funny how the article in the Sydney Morning Herald did not mention the various other issues currently plaguing the cult – like how tomorrow thousands of people will be gathering for the fourth international day of protest against Scientology). Packer is reported to have been recruited into the cult by friend Tom Cruise during a very low point in the billionaire’s life – having just been divorced by his wife, experiencing the very public and humiliating collapse of his family’s business One.Tel and losing $350 million in the process, and being overweight and depressed, to boot. Packer, in the past, has said that he found Scientology to be helpful and to have improved his outlook in life. He also reported having received help from Scientologist friends. His reported reason for discontinuing course work in Scientology and distancing himself from the organization is that he feels that he no longer needs the help.

For more on Scientology, click here.

3 Responses to “Scientology has lost its wealthiest member, James Packer”
  1. piercommenda says:

    Everybody knows that Scientology tries to recruit important people to place in important places of the society: people call Scientology ” a Church” but it has nothing in common with a religion.
    They only want money and power.: It’s made by a man and men want to get rich.

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