Boston Radio Personality Attends Bizarre Scientology Birthday Party for L Ron Hubbard

WBCN Boston Radio personality describes his peculiar experiences at the Cult of Scientology Boston LRH birthday party. His experience as he reports was indeed very strange, though no longer shocking in the slightest for this observer. In fact, what would have been most shocking is if the event had proceeded as a perfectly normal birthday party held in the honour of a dead cult leader by 200 of his overwhelmingly passionate, paranoid, secretive, largely brainwashed and image-conscious followers who believe that he was a great prophet, is currently still alive in disembodied spirit forum conducting Scientological/spiritual research at various corners of the universe, and will be coming back sometime in the future to share his scholarly work and guidance with his devout followers…. Actually, that was pretty much what this was.

Check it out to hear about how the invited guest was treated with great skepticism, caution and awkwardness, and to hear about how hundreds of Scientologists cheered their hearts out for a pre-recorded 2 hour long DVD video presentation by Scientology Head, David Miscavige. I suppose the cheering isn’t that weird, though. I mean, I did at first. But upon further consideration, I’m sure many people would cheer at a pre-recorded video being presented to hundreds of supporters for the first time. Though the radio personality did claim that they were getting highly excited over pretty mundane statements. I’ll give the audience the benefit of the doubt a bit here and assume that the guest was probably exaggerating somewhat.

For more on Scientology, click here.

And don’t forget that the next international day of protest against the Cult of Scientology is TOMORROW at CoS locations everywhere!

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