Another weekend, another set of mini-raids on the Cult of Scientology!

Just doing a regular check-up on YouTube to see if any new videos have been filed under “Scientology” – which, of course, they have. It’s the end of another weekend, which means an onslaught of videos from weekend CoS mini-raids from around the world. Here are clips from a few:

Free hugs were on offer in Melbourne:

Friday in Toronto: Anons were well-received by passerbies; probably not so much by the Scientologists, though:

Saturday in Toronto: This is the 2nd of a 3-video set covering the Sunday flash-raid. In this video, we see Toronto Anons have a bit of scare as Scientologists made an unnecessary and dishonest police call regarding the protesters. We also see the Anons experience a very pleasant surprise, as an estimated 2,000 marijuana rights protesters marched by, taking an estimated 6-700 fliers from the Anons.

I truly hope that Mr. Black, the protester who had his ID taken by police in Toronto for standing in front of the Scientology building for a brief period (though not banging on the glass, as the CoS accused the protesters of), has zero problems with the CoS as a result of this. A few things can be counted on if the CoS does come after him in anyway, however. For one thing, local Anons will be calling every major media agency in the city. Secondly, every Anon on the planet will hear about it within a few days, which will only further strengthen their resolve. Thirdly, Toronto Anons will be contacting Toronto police to defend Mr. Black and to encourage the police to condemn the cult for their misuse of local police services. And finally, we can only expect more Torontonians to show up on…



MAY, 10, 2008

11 AM


 For more on Scientology, click here.

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