Ben Stein and Glenn Beck: Ignorance, Deceit and Stupidity, OH MY!

Nothing I say short of quoting them directly could prepare you for the profound levels of ignorance you are about to hear. Stein and Beck’s ignorance of and/or deliberate deceit with respect to science, evolution, atheism and morality are absolutely depressing.

They are an unfortunate pair of exemplars of the intellectual dysfunction that dogmatism – religious or otherwise – constitutes.

2 Responses to “Ben Stein and Glenn Beck: Ignorance, Deceit and Stupidity, OH MY!”
  1. flywheel says:

    I am new to your site as of today and love it! I got here through Reddit. Maybe you ought to consider putting a little reddit button on your site.

    I couldn’t watch the Ben Stein/Glenn Beck thing, as I am afraid I would have a stroke or a heart attack if I did.

    Glenn Beck is a dry drunk and nothing else. The symptoms are manifest, and I do know plenty about the subject. You can probably look it up. George Bush is a dry drunk, too. It is very, very apparent.

    As for Ben Stein, his conscience, what there is of it, doesn’t allow him to see the mendacity of his “work” if you can call it that. Shamefully, willfully, and arrogantly ignorant.

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