ExScientologyKids.Com co-founder Kendra Wiseman Radio Interview

Former Scientologist Kendra Wiseman recently appeared on Peter Boyle’s KHOW radio show. Wiseman was raised in Scientology by her high-ranking Scientology parents. Since leaving Scientology she has been disconnected from her parents. Her father is a leader within the cult’s anti-psychiatry front group the euphemistically named Citizen’s Commission for Human rights, CCHR.

Wiseman claimed that before appearing on this show she and fellow ExScientologyKids.Com co-founders, Jenna Miscavige Hill and Astra Woodcraft, received threatening emails from the cult saying that if that if Kendra appears on this show, the three founders would be publicly slandered by Scientology. ESK, by the way, is a website designed to inform those not familiar with the cult on its destructive practices, and to provide a forum for former and current child/teen scientologists to talk with others with similar backgrounds.

In the interview, Wiseman discusses her personal experiences in Scientology, leaving it and being disconnected from her parents, the Scientology policies of Fair Game and Disconnection, the Sea Org, sexual abuse in the cult, Scientology lingo, isolation and indoctrination within the cult, the power and wealth of the cult, and more. Kendra is very well-spoken, pleasant to listen to, and frank. Time spent listening to this interview will be time well-spent – especially if you’re a Scientologist.

For more on Scientology, click here.

PS: If anyone talks to Kendra, tell her I have a crush on her and if it weren’t for her having a boyfriend and living a real long way away, I’d quite readily nervously approach her while trying to maintain an appearance of calmness while asking her out for a coffee.

3 Responses to “ExScientologyKids.Com co-founder Kendra Wiseman Radio Interview”
  1. d says:

    She’s also on the verge of getting married too, so that might throw a wrench in your stalking, er, friendship.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    Stalking? I thought of it more as charming admiration. Meh, tomayto-tomahto.

    She’s so beautiful and I love listening to her speak.

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