Mini-Raid on Scientology in Toronto

Yesterday, a small group of Toronto area Anons engaged in a spontaneous mini-raid picket on the Cult of Scientology. This was reported to be the third mini-raid on Scientology in Toronto – at least by this set of individuals. There was also a mini-raid of the Pickering Flea Market (where a Dianetics booth is set up), just outside of Toronto, a few weeks back. The next planned mini-raid is said to be scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 PM at Toronto CoS.

Between the major international days of protests which occur every four weeks, and these increasingly popular flash mini-raids, can the cult really afford to keep shutting down every time a protester is outside? I thought the expression was “Confront and shatter suppression”, not “Draw the curtains, stay inside, and herd all the Scientolo-sheep away from the windows”. The first one is a lot zippier:)

For more on Scientology, click here.

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  1. […] increased. In addition to the major monthly protests, flash mini-raids have been staged in Toronto, various places in California, and presumably elsewhere. But the biggies haven’t […]

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