Evolved Rationalist reviews Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The Evolved Rationalist, in an act of self-sacrifice, has subjected herself and her brain cells (a few thousand of which are probably dead now) to watching Ben Stein et al.’s crocumentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. She reviews the intellectual and moral travesty here.

PS: ER has the best blog tagline I’ve ever seen: We have the fossils. We win.

4 Responses to “Evolved Rationalist reviews Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”
  1. b4dguy says:

    Interesting tagline – what has she won I wonder? and what do the fossils really prove?

    I find it interesting that her name contains “rational” but so much of the review is emotional spewing, name-calling, and inciteful. I thought your critique was much more rational than hers. (kudos!)

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    b4dguy: Yeah, she’s pretty animated, that’s for true.

    As for what the fossils prove, they prove as far as anything about the world out there that has not and could not have been directly observed can be proved that evolution (i.e., the modification of and emergence of species over time) did happen. Compounded with indendent convergent evidence from genetics (some of which is from fossils), we can be extremely confident that evolution is the very best explanation we know of for speciation.

  3. b4dguy says:

    I’m curious, does ‘speciation’ deal with new species evolving from a similar species (terms like adaptation and mutation come to mind) or from distinctly different species? (I suppose that’s somewhat semantic)?

    I was reading accounts of new fruit flies coming from old fruit flies, etc. – but is there any documented proof today (fossils or no) that a pig evolved from a toad (or anything along those lines?

    Does speciation suggest that the transition from one distinct life form (a toad) to another distinct life form (a pig) happen over a lengthy series of gradual transitions of species (that would seem to make intuitive sense) or are there other explanations for the current diversity of species?

    Isn’t the theory that man and ape evolved from a common ancestor – not that man evolved from ape (or ape evolved from man if you’ve seen the Planet of the Apes movies)?

    Isn’t the missing link still missing?

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Well, obviously pigs didn’t evolve directly from toads. As for lengthy periods of time, I’m not sure where scientists are standing on that. I think punctuated equilibrium theory suggests that there can be periods of rapid change – perhaps due to major ecological changes. But am not sure.

    A really good source on all of this is TalkOrigins.Org. In my blog and org roll (up top) I have a link to a UC Berkeley produced site on evolution, which would presumably also be a good place to look.

    As for man-ape, yes: common ancestor. I’m not sure how far back the chain scientists and archaeologists have gotten.

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