I’ve been spoofed!

I’m feeling pretty flattered right now because I just discovered a spoof blog of The Frame Problem. You’ll love the name of it: TheProblemFrame!

Happily, he is another critic of the Cult of Scientology. I’m not sure if he plans to actually develop his blog, or if this was just something he quickly threw together as a funny way of saying “I think LRB is a douche bag”. In any case, I thought it was pretty funny and so may you.

One Response to “I’ve been spoofed!”
  1. Gabriel... says:

    He’s got the right links and his about page is pretty cool… but it is weird, I’d be totally freaked.

    Just so you know, you’ll probably be getting a couple of pingbacks from a post I just wrote. I was writing a piece on this new links feature WordPress has, about how if someone writes about the Co$ there’s a really good chance a link to the Co$ will appear on their post. Anyway, I found a perfect example on one of your posts: Sci3ntologists Picket Toronto Protester at His Home and Get OWNED.

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