Scientology Front Group Narconon Investigated by Australia’s TodayTonight

Australian current affairs program TodayTonight has released an investigative report on Scientology Front Group Narconon, the cult’s quack drug/alcohol rehabilitation program. Their report includes interviews with a former Narconon administrator, ex-Narconon client, and the founder of the Melbourne branch of Narconon. Excluding the statements from the local Narconon founder, the views expressed in the report were that Narconon is unsubstantiated quackery, an expensive scam, dangerous, destructive to clients and their families, deceitful, bizarre, and a covert attempt to prey on vulnerable populations for money and to attempt to recruit them into Scientology. The former Narconon administrator also stated that the cult’s likely response to having Narconon investigated would be to conduct an indepth investigation on the reporters in order to hopefully dig up embarrassing information on the investigated in order to potentially use against them.

For more on Scientology, click here.

3 Responses to “Scientology Front Group Narconon Investigated by Australia’s TodayTonight”
  1. For details about Scientology’s “NarCONon,” visit

  2. jinecmna says:

    Narconon, Criminon, Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights are just some of the Scientology front groups they use to worm their way into unspecting lives. The “treatment” material at Narconon, for example, is basically introduction to Scientology beliefs with some pictures added. It’s the same thing you get if you go into a Scientology “church”

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