Crash this poll! (UPDATED)

A poll is being hosted on a Pro-ID Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed MySpace page. The poll, which is found down the page on the left, asks if you think that Intelligent Design should be taught in American public schools. When PZ Myers linked the poll, the totals showed a 3:1 ratio favouring the teaching of ID. My how a 40,000 hit/day blog along with other smaller blogs can change this!  It has been a mere 7 hours since PZ’s post and there are now 20 times as many votes for “No” than “Yes”! But we can do better than that!

Crash this poll!

UPDATE (12:49 PM EST, 26/04/2008):

Current vote talley:

Yes: 816 votes, 0.26%

No: 308482 votes, 98.82%

Not Sure: 167 votes, 0.05%

What is it [ID]?: 2701 votes, 0.87%

What’s interesting is that the Yes/No ratio is *still* less staggering in this poll than in the international scientific community!

5 Responses to “Crash this poll! (UPDATED)”
  1. dracil says:

    Heh, when I voted for it, the number of Yes votes were at 666.

  2. Stoobs says:

    98.73% for no… Wow.

  3. Matt says:

    Did they finally close it? Last time I looked there were over 400k ‘nay’ votes and 800+ ‘yea’. Now it’s not there.



  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Hahhaha. Looks like they took it down in the last few hours, as I checked on it earlier today. When I checked there were exactly 900 votes for Yes, and well over 400K for No (I think around 419K, but not sure). The percentages were Yes: 0.21, No: nearly 98%, I don’t know was over 2 %, and some really small amount was What is it?

  5. L. Ron Black says:

    Fuck those ID fuckers. They should all just fucking die. In fact, I say we form a mob and just fucking kill them all right now. Who’ll join me in killing those fucking bastards?

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