Ex-Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill on ABC Nightline TONIGHT (UPDATE: Video Here)

Big hat tip to Dawn at GlossLip for notifying everyone that Jenna Miscavige Hill, ex-Scientologist and niece of current Scientology leader David Miscavige, will be on ABC‘s Nightline tonight at 11:35 PM.

Miscavige Hill rose to prominence when she began speaking out against the “Church” of Scientology a few months ago. Her first major statement was an open reply to Scientology spokesperson Karen Pouw who claimed that Andrew Morton’s claims in his Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise that Scientology encourages or forces Scientologists to disconnect from those who do not support the “Church” was not only untrue but anti-thetical to what Scientology promotes. Miscavige Hill said that Pouw’s statement was flat out false, and attested to the fact that the cult does disconnect families, as she has witnessed and experienced first hand. Coming from the niece of the head of the cult, this statement carried great weight.

Shortly after this statement and subsequent media appearances, Miscavige Hill in collaboration with other fellow Ex-Scientology Kids, Kendra Wiseman and Astra Woodcraft, launched the website ExScientologyKids.Com, which is dedicated to spreading awareness of how Scientology breaks up families and abuses “child Scientologists” (i.e., children indoctrinated into Scientology by their Scientologists parents), helping former and current child Scientologists come into contact with others with similar experiences for support, and helping child Scientologists escape as the cult as she and her co-site admins did.

Be sure to catch tonight’s Nightline to hear more about the cult from someone who was about as inside as one can get.

UPDATE (25/5/2008):

Watch the interview here.

Read the ABC Nightline Report (and leave a comment) here.

For more on Scientology, click here.

4 Responses to “Ex-Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill on ABC Nightline TONIGHT (UPDATE: Video Here)”
  1. lwayswright says:

    Wow, sounds to me like a sad sort of “religion”. Almost akin to the FLDS commune’s and things where they try to control your entire life. that’s really sad. Religion should never ever be about control.
    My humble opinion

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  2. […] Scientology’s critics also criticises the fact that the Church encourages its members to disconnect from family or friends should they become critical of the religion, as stated in their Fair Game Policy. Scientology of course denies this practice is still ongoing, but recent defectors , such as Jenna Miscavage , who is the niece of current Scientolgy leader, David Misacavage, vehemently states that this practice of disconnection is still alive and well. Check out this articl […]

  3. […] EX-SCIENTOLOGY KIDS This site was created by three young women who were raised by staff (Sea Org members) as Scientology kids and who are now disconnected from their parents and out of Scientology.  And Scientology swears they don’t practice disconnection! Personal note:  One of the “ex-Scientology kids” is Kendra Wiseman, the daughter of Bruce Wiseman, whose parents disconnected from her because she refused to stop communicating with ex-Scientologists online. She left the U.S. and now lives in Beijing, has married, and moved on with her life. Her father, Bruce Wiseman, and his partner Kevin Burke, (both upper-level Scientologists) run Wiseman & Burke, a Scientology accounting firm in Glendale, CA that managed my (former) husband’s & my business affairs for nearly 10 years. Wiseman & Burke’s organization was responsible for our loss of $10,000 in investments to a bogus Scientology investment created by Scientology members who belonged to “WISE” (World Institute for Scientology Enterprises). ABC Nightline (April, 2008) interviews Jenna Miscavige Hill […]

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