TFP Readables

Here are a few readables from around the blogosphere:

Today, I stumbled across a fairly indepth review of the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Leaders Guide – a guide for those who want to take the propaganda out of the theatre and into the community. Thus far, I’ve only read about 60% of it, but what I saw was quite well done.

The second recommended item is recommended because of how unimpressed I am. It’s a thread on a thoroughly Christian discussion forum. I discovered it as a result of one of the posters linking one of my posts. Take a read if you want to step into a rapid succession of ignorant comments. I was placated somewhat by the level-headedness of Grant (i.e., the poster that linked my post…).


I paid a visit to the local “Church” of Scientology in Toronto today. I’ll be posting on the visit soon.

Second, I recently had my posts on a pro-Expelled blog pulled from the site. I’m considering whether I’d like to expose how I – a dissenter of expelled – was expelled. The blogger says that it is simply his policy to not allow debates to occur in his blog’s comment sections, and that it is not personal nor does he want me to feel like I’m being censored. In addition to finding this to be a peculiar policy (as I told him) – what? you want to state your opinion but no one else can challenge you on it? – I also said that, in my opinion, this particular post is one that should qualify for being excepted from your rule given that in it you are endorsing a movie that is claiming that the opinions it endorses are being expelled from consideration.

4 Responses to “TFP Readables”
  1. Stoobs says:

    Wow… Just, wow…

    “Atheists have the greatest “cover” of all, they insist they believe in no god yet most polls done and the latest research indicates that they are actually a different sect of Muslims.”

    I learn something new about myself every day. A muslim, eh. I loved the part about putting on black robes and running out into the street to burn christians alive. That’s totally what I would do once I got done watching two gay men have sex in my bathroom.

    Well, time for me to go abort some christian fetuses.

  2. James Douglas says:

    I know a lot of stuff on the internet makes Christian’s look like complete idiots… and for that matter a lot of the stuff we do help us in our cause to look like the biggest group of jerks on the planet.

    So I’ll just apologize. Not for Christ, but for my self as his follower, and if I had the power to I would apologize for the rest of Christianity.

    I do wish there was a way for me to prove to you why I believe in Christ, but there isn’t. I know that because even if I did present evidence it wouldn’t change your mind, just the same as you could provide evidence for your convictions and it would not change mine.

    I pray that there is a new group of Christians that won’t try to change the world through politics and government and what is taught in schools. I hope one day we’ll return to the way we were meant to change the world… by teaching Jesus Christ; his life, death, and ressurection, and leaving everything else in his hands (government issues, morality issues, culture issues etc.).

    So if you would do me the kind service of not characterizing all Christians as idiots and bigots I won’t characterize you as a person with no morals or ethics.

    Now, I could have completely mis-read your motives in all of this and if I did, let me once again say sorry.

    I just want it to be known to the world that not all Christians hold the same views as the “thoroughly Christian discussion forum” you linked to.

    good luck in life.

  3. L. Ron Brown says:

    I would absolutely not characterize all Christians as bigots and idiots. That would be ludicrous. The only disparaging thing I would say as a blanket comment is that to believe in Christianity – or Islam, Hinduism, or anything else in a way that is not borne out by impartial consideration of evidence, be it religious or not – is to necessarily believe with ignorance, intellectual dishonesty and/or irrationality. You and I can probably agree that not all religions can be correct but a number of religions have been born which have many extremely confident believers. We should be able to agree that a person can have strong religious convictions and be wrong. If we can agree on that – and even if we can’t – I invite you to check out the post I have perma-linked along the right side-bar of the page dedicated to listing the pitfalls of all theistic arguments that I have ever heard.

  4. James Douglas says:

    I will check it out. Thanks.

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