Nicole Kidman wants her kids out of Scientology

AOL News reports that Nicole Kidman wants the two children that she adopted with Tom Cruise during their marriage who Tom maintains custody over out of Scientology. Kidman is said to have limited access to her children as a consequence of them being “deeply entrenched in Scientology”.

For more on Scientology, click here.

5 Responses to “Nicole Kidman wants her kids out of Scientology”
  1. psychodiva says:

    too right! she should join Anonymous

  2. wordsseldomsaid says:

    far out…

  3. Mark R says:

    I also want her kids out of it as well, actually I want all kids out of it!

  4. Nicole Kidman should be a good mother.


  5. Stoobs says:

    Heh… A group where members remain anonymous has little to gain from celebrity membership. She would be more effective remaining outside of the group and simply endorsing it publicly. Hell, for all we know she already is a member, and was out there at the protests, wearing a mask. How would you know?

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