The Carnival of the Fraudless: Spoofing & Exposing the Cult of Scientology

The first Blog Carnival dedicated to exposing and spoofing the Cult of Scientology is here. Submit hilarious spoofs and well-produced expositions of the Cult of Scientology to theframeproblem [at] live [dot] ca or go through the Blog Carnival system here. Submissions can be text, photo, audio and video. Entries will be evaluated with respect to the following considerations: 1) Is the item honest and fair?; 2) Is it good/bad/neutral for the international effort to expose and bring about the reform of the Cult of Scientology?; 3) Is it good (i.e., funny,  clever, well-produced, relevant, newsworthy)?; and 4) Do I risk being sued by you know who for posting it?

Please do not submit content as attachments, as attachments will not be opened. If sending video, pics, or audio, please send links where they can be found online.

Giving Credit Where it is Due: Does the banner for this carnival look familiar to you? If so, it’s probably because it is a modified version of the Carnival of the Godless, which was created by Unscrewing The Inscrutable.

For more on the Cult of Scientology, click here.

5 Responses to “The Carnival of the Fraudless: Spoofing & Exposing the Cult of Scientology”
  1. Dennis N says:

    I just feel sorry for Scientology these days. Who takes it seriously? Wasn’t the story of Xenu published online a decade ago? The funny thing about Scientology is that you can’t even make up a spoof more ridiculous than the real thing.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:


    I wouldn’t feel sorry for Scientology. Scientology is far more than just kooky UFO space stories. It is a genuinely dangerous criminal cult mafia organization.

    Look through some more posts on Scientology here:, or go to one of the big pioneering site on exposing Scientology:

    This is a very dangerous human-rights abusing criminal organization.

  3. Elmira says:

    I am forever indebted to you for this intinmafoor.

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