Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separating?

Australia’s Herald Sun reports the following claim:

UNABLE to cope with the pressure of her marriage to Tom Cruise, it is being reported in the US that Katie Holmes is seeking a trial separation from her husband.

The former Dawsons Creek actress is said to be crushed by the weight of her marriage to the Top Gun star, and plans to take their daughter, Suri, with her to New York City, reports Star magazine.

But Cruise is reportedly against her plans.

For info on the Cult of Scientology, click here.

8 Responses to “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separating?”
  1. This interests me because I heard rumours at the time (which I dismissed as false) that she’d been paid to be a wife for thee years and produce. It’s cynical, but makes you wonder.

  2. Stoobs says:

    It seems improbable that Katie Holmes would agree to a deal like that. I mean, it’s not like she’s hard up for cash to begin with. Why would she put herself through something like that for money? Plus, if she wanted to marry a guy for three years and come out of it rich, I’m pretty sure she could have managed some good old fashioned gold digging, which while sleazy enjoys a thin veneer of respectability, instead of that kind of potentially career ending weirdness.

  3. Xander Legere says:

    Reminds me of the Family Guy sketch were the Cruise household looses electricity, the ankle bracelet on Katie Holmes drops uselessly to the ground, and she screams “I’m FREE!”

  4. frodo441 says:

    Join the church of the Protofundamental a denomination of the existential…enrolling now…hail…

  5. Asad says:

    I feel sorry for Ms. Holmes.

  6. I write a snarky blog and joke about Katie and Tom sometimes.
    Yet, I find her situation fascinatingly scary.

  7. ozatheist says:

    “He just doesn’t want Katie or Suri out of his sight for long. ”

    because she might realise what a nutjob he is and how stupid and dangerous scientology is.

  8. No more gossip regarding Katie Holmes being pregnant! Just because she is sporting baggy outfits might simply mean that she desires to be comfy.

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