YouTube removes ToryMagoo44 Account [Update: ACCOUNT RESTORED]

Tory Christman, former high-ranking Scientologist of 30 years and noted critic of the cult since 2000, has just had her YouTube account, ToryMagoo44, removed by YouTube. Why? On what basis was this done? Did she infringe on copyrights? No. Was she bigotted? No. And even if she were bigotted in her videos (which she has not been), there is plenty of bigotted content online that is not removed (e.g., video of burning Richard Dawkins effigy; Scientology videos claiming that Anonymous is just a bunch of cyber-terrorist religious bigot computer nerds).

What is more, a Scientology-created account designed to pose as as Tory Christman, ToryMagoo69, which presents all of Tory’s videos is still online!

YouTube: Stop bending over for Scientology. They are a dangerous cult and you are bigger than this. You are bigger than them.


Contact YouTube to encourage them to reinstate Christman’s account:

Complain to YouTube:


Tory’s account has been restored!

Here’s her Thank You video.

For more on Scientology, click here.

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