Bill Maher compares Texas polygamist cult to Catholicism

9 Responses to “Bill Maher compares Texas polygamist cult to Catholicism”
  1. wordsseldomsaid says:

    hey a bible thumping CHRISTian..i have to tell you…for whatever purpose…


  2. LP says:

    I see his point, but there’s still a significant difference between a few crazy cult leaders who found the spiritual equivalent of a “fly-by-night” religion and a 2,000 year old institution based upon the scholarly redaction of scripture. Bill makes it sound like every Catholic kid is raped by a priest, which simply is not the case. While I agree the abuse of these children is horrific, Bill Maher has the tendency to speak from his anus on topics he doesn’t know about. Makes you wonder why some people don’t stick to comedy.

  3. John Kaiser says:

    I guess I’ve never found this kind of way over the top humor funny (much less beneficial to the public dialogue). Moreover, I thought his tarring of the current pope with the label of “Nazi” was downright slanderous and contemptable. Especially considering that the current pope comes from a family that risked life and limb to listen to allied radio broadcasts during the war.

    And since everyone else is disclosing, I might as well add in the followinng disclaimer. I am one of those radical born again Christians who doesn’t have much love lost for the Roman Catholic Church. However, Maher’s commentary is so over the top that it borders closer to the ridiculousness than insightfulness.

  4. Stoobs says:

    The current pope is on record as a nazi supporter, as supporting the slaughter of indigenous peoples in America, as having gone out of his way to protect pedophiles and permit them to continue their predation, and as suppressing dissent against totalitarian dictators in South America, to name but a few of his actions.

    The fact that such a man has been accorded what, to a catholic, is the highest possible rank a human being can aspire to, is a sickening indictment of all catholics, and of the catholic faith.

  5. Anonomomily says:

    Not. Funny.

  6. jake says:

    Bill’s humor may not be “politically correct” but he is being honest. the most decietful organization on the planet is the catholic church. their lies are horrendous, and they are leading billions to eternal death due to their false doctrines. everything they teach is unbiblical or antibiblical. infant baptism is unbiblical. nobody in the Bible was baptized as a baby… purgatory is antibiblical. people go straight to God for judgement and donot sit around in a fiery holding cell for millions of years. catholicism is the oldest cult in the world. it is a man-made religion and poor catholics just follow the evil popes regardless of what they do. for example, the papacy has killed over a 100 million innocent people over the centuries. that sounds evil to me… but catholics just follow blindly along never opening their Bibles to see if what they are teaching is even accurate. Galatians 1:8-9 says that the catholic church is cursed to hell for teaching their false doctrines of demons but i pray for the poor catholics who are just blindly following the popes to the slaughterhouse….

  7. Ren says:

    “difference between a few crazy cult leaders who found the spiritual equivalent of a “fly-by-night” religion and a 2,000 year old institution based upon the scholarly redaction of scripture”

    3 thousand years ago the sun was a God, Odin existed and ppl worshiped dead Goats as wel as sliced ppls heads off for sacrifices .

    just because 2thousand year old religion is old doesnt mean its truth the only reason its been around for so long is because they fucking killed all the damm oposition, starting with the vikings then moving down to the muslims except they got their asses kicked by the muslims , which are as retarded as they are.

    and another thing just because alot of ppl go for it doesnt make it truth.

    how can ppl believe any religion nowadays is simple, indoctrinization and brainwash.

    its not even rational to believe somethign that was invented when ppl didnt even had schools or just a handpicked few knew how to read and at the sign of a solar eclipse or epilepsy they would drill a hole into ppls heads…

    lets hope everyone learn and drive human kind into a brighter future because if it depends on religion we will go back to the dark ages that was caused by christians!

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