Why protest Scientology? WATCH. THIS. VIDEO.

A New York protester who is the son of a Scientologist gives a brief account of some of the more heinous ways in which the Cult of Scientology muzzles its critics and isolates its members.

For more on Scientology, click here.

6 Responses to “Why protest Scientology? WATCH. THIS. VIDEO.”
  1. EvilSandwich says:

    Video was taken down.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    THe vid is working now.

  3. belanaparis says:

    Frankly, I don’t get his point…if he has to cover his face he loses all credibility and he’s sounding more fanatical than any scientologist I’ve ever seen!

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Belana: You are clearly a Scientologist, as anyone else – even just by watching this video – would understand readily by he wore a mask. Question: How come Scientology, something is claimed to enhance one’s cognitive functioning, leaves you so unable to understand a very straightforward message?

    I thought Scientology was about knowing how to know. How come you are unable to understand a straight forward message?

  5. Belana:

    So why do I need to hide my face? Why am I afraid?

    My reasons to hide my idenity today are twofold.

    The first, and more globally sinister reason, is that the church of Scientology has a long history of harassing any and all critics with their massive team of lawyers, and their own secret police force, the ‘Office of Special Affairs’.

    The second, far more personal reason I hide my face today, is through fear of losing my father. You see, the Church of Scientology strongly encourages its members to lose all contact with any critics of the Church, regardless of whether they are coworkers, friends, or even members of your family. This is not some fanatical Scientology Sect which has perverted the Church’s doctrine; this vile policy, known as the Disconnection Policy, is inherent in their dogma.

    If you do not believe me, I strongly encourage you to visit the website, ExScientologyKids.com, and read the stories the three brave women who author the website have authored.

    This is a pretty straightforward and understandable justification for why he felt the need to cover his face. He cites evidence for his reasons, and structures his argument well.

    Yet you question him about his decision to cover his face… Which was itself the very basis of his speech?

    Disconnect from reality, much?

  6. L. Ron Brown says:

    Thanks for going to the trouble of transcribing his crystal clear explanation.

    Prediction: We will never hear from Belana again. The reason I make this statement is that in every case (2 or 3 – small sample, I know) in which I have shutdown a Scientologist unequivocally, the Scientologist disappeared from posting on this site forever (well, until present time at least).

    The one case in which I may not have completely shutdown a Scientologist was with Louanne of a website called ScientologyMyths. With her, she ended up saying a bunch of BS, claiming there was no evidence for this, or that, or any of it, etc.; basically saying that every last one of the things that Scientology has ever been accused of with the exception of a few of the things done by the Guardian’s Office – the direct ancestor of OSA – are false. Really, I just couldn’t have been bothered responding to her in full detail. I responded to her in a number of emails to some of the things she said as well as in posts in comment sections, but after a while I just got tired of it. There’s no point. She’s going to continue saying that Scientology is absolutely innocent and that every claim against it is wrong no matter who makes it and she will continue to peddle the Scientology lines, ignore Fair Game and lie about it when confronted, etc. Both myself and a reader of this blog noted that on her website’s discussion of Fair Game it doesn’t even outline the policy itself, let alone the accusations of its application.

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