Former high-ranking Aussie Scientologist, David Graham, speaks out against Cult

After years of silence out of fear of retribution, Ex-Scientologist David Graham of Australia is calling for the complete dismantling of the Cult of Scientology because of the human rights abuses he claims it inflicts on its followers.

“I think it needs to be totally dismantled to help save the people in it. It is not run like a religion. It’s more like a cult. My concerns are about the constraints it puts on an individual and the denial of human rights. It is run by fear.”

In line with the theme of the just-passed April 12 Operation ReConnect day of worldwide protest against the Cult of Scientology, Graham says that “members are encouraged to cut ties with non-Scientologists. And they are threatened with being ostracized from members, including family and friends, if they try to leave the church – an act known as “disconnection””.

Graham left the cult in 1990 after becoming disillusioned. He was later declared a “Suppressive Person” (SP) by the cult. As a consequence, members are not allowed to have contact with him.

Graham supports the international wave of protests orchestrated by Anonymous. Vicki Dunstan, a trustee of the Sydney Scientology cult base, of course cow-tows the disingenuous Scientology lines of (paraphrased) “Anonymous are terrorists”, “everything they say is a lie”, and “we’re victims of religious hate crimes, like early Christianity!”. Herein lies one of the problems of the media: they usually do not go indepth. In this case, like many others, they have sought out the opinion of both sides. But are both sides equally valid? No. One side, the critics, has records from US Courts, FBI raids, many ex-members, L. Ron Hubbard’s own writings, video tape of harassment from Scientology, and so on. All Scientology has is “they’re liars and terrorists”. Where is the media to hold their feet to the fire and say “What about Operation Freakout? Operation Snow White? What about Fair Game? Disconnection? What about all these ex-members including relatives of high-ranking Scientologists who are verifying all of the above? What about all the mysterious Scientology deaths? What about all the critics and ex-members who have reported and have proof that your cult hired private investigators to stake them out around the clock?….”

For more on Scientology, click here.

3 Responses to “Former high-ranking Aussie Scientologist, David Graham, speaks out against Cult”
  1. matt says:

    the media always seems to drop the ball these days. It’s like a half-debate, where one side makes a statement and the other side makes a statement and a rebuttal. And then… who knows? but Scientologists seems to always get the last word in these stories, it seems.

  2. annje says:

    it seems that is the way of the world these days. We’ve somehow been collectively desentitized to all that should horrify us (1.3 mil dead in Iraq, 6 million dead Africans, chinese soldiers picking off pilgrims on their way to see Dalai Llama, crimes by our troops just like viet nam and rogue mercenaries wiping out women and children, raping and torturing their female co-workers and all having a cigar together instead of paying for any of it) and hyper sensitized to mentioning things that are part and parcel of our daily lives as a species. Consider the very real and legitimate issues of race, religion and other often inherent features of various groups of people etc. Political correctness,s aptly named as it is primarily used to control the flow of political power among the people, which began as a good thing, a mass sensitizing, has gone too far. By deciding, for example, that one may not point out a character flaw of someone of another race w/out risking the race card being pulled; even though the comment makes no reference at all to race and no one who didn’t know the color of the skins of the accuser and the accused would ever find it racist, albeit certainly critical, discussion and understanding are stunted, even prevented altogether. Individual groups grow more exclusive and cohesive…We grow further apart thus less powerful en masse. Just look at the 9-11 controversy, our own president went to the UN and said, “let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”….further providing a false cover for the guilty.

    The mentality is a manipulative one overall, its the world they are trying to create for us to live in, and it will probably come to pass as the desire to deny is so very deep, the truth, too horrible for so many to face, and its the perfect soup for a disease like scientology to begin and thrive in.

    These people are clearly dangerous. Tom Cruise, has tasted the priviledge and adoration of many, and within scientology, this high school drop out has attained that which he does not deserve, a position of assumed knowledge and power, w/control over people…he has become a meglomaniac and is lost….I imagine he fears psychiatrists because he is so desperately in need of one.

    Has anyone else noticed the oddities around the child btw? Katy was HUGE very early, allowed photos to be taken of her shirt flying up while “still pregnant”. The “bump” changed position and size many times within mere weeks, and the baby wasn’t shown for a long time. IMHO, this is likely because she was born 3/4 months earlier than alleged. They had to wait until it got a bit harder to tell her age before exposing her. She’s had a full head of hair since the first photos…and looks older than all her little hollywood counterparts the same age. I also think that she is the spitting image of Chris Klien, who according to STAR, admitted to a friend during lunch at a local restaraunt that Katy was pregnant, this allegedly occured around the time of their break up. And last but not least, how totally “hollywood” was the amazing coincidence of the little darling (and she is darling, poor boo) “being born” right down the hall and on the very same day as the child of the woman who brought him to his knees? AWWWW, looky, now they had something so special in common, apologies all round, he gave Brooks butt its well deserved kiss and things went calmer…til he opened his stupid mouth again…but the point is that I believe that was an omnidrama; one for ALL to see…publicity stunt, whatever.

    If it was about having children himself, he could have done with Nicole, she wanted a child very badly. Also it is believed that he divorced her the moment he found out she was pregnant, just a month or two after a ten year re-committment ceremony…Seems to me that unless he knew he couldn’t have children, he would have been delighted at the pregnancy.
    Combining all that with rashes of past accusations of being gay, HRL’s contempt for gays, ex wives suggesting he was more monk than husband re: sex, his childless previous wives…But if Katy came along willingly and pregnant to boot, what a one two knockout punch! He’d get to claim a bio kid without having to actually diddle her himself…
    I think the child IS Katie’s, just NOT Tom’s. And this will be what brings down his house of lies. His careers already in the toilet.

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  1. retribution says:

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