Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology Gone?

A rumour has begun on the Enturbulation forum (i.e., the main international forum where protests against the Cult of Scientology are planned and promoted) that the Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology base has been abandoned. I have no idea regarding the truth of the claim, but here it is:

“As for the raid, it was definitly more win than we expected. We had the biggest surprise in the first minutes:


The house is now empty. There is nothing left, not even the wallpaper – no Scientology sign, no tag on the post box. THEY ARE GONE!”

I guess time will tell what to make of this statement.

For more on the Cult of Scientology, click here.

One Response to “Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology Gone?”
  1. Anon Rblz says:

    wasnt scientology already banned in Germany?

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