Belgian authorities raid Cult of Scientology

Belgian authorities have raided the local Cult of Scientology, seizing documents, financial records and computer equipment. Following the raid, authorities sealed off the local cult base. The Cult in Belgium “is being investigated for extortion and fraud after posting false job openings in newspapers then attempting to get those who applied to join” the Cult. Several Belgian ex-Scientologists also went to authorities “after accusations of intimidation and extortion”.

Police were investigating the Church there for nearly 10 years prior to the raid.

In a statement to the press, the Church says that the police “violated their fundamental rights” as a religious organization and accused the police of “malicious justice operations.” the Church plans to “contest” any charges filed against it. They also state that the postings made were requests for volunteers and not employees.

The cult’s base remains closed.

This whole “the whole world is against us”, “religious freedom”, blah blah bullshit is getting really old. How many times does this cult have to be busted before its “parishioners” stop falling for and perpetuating this disingenuous victim complex?

For more on Scientology (including its oppressive, abusive, deceitful, heinous, harassing, frivolously litigious, home-wrecking, thought-policing, free speech suppressing, brainwashing, labour camp employing, terrorizing, mafia-esque, paranoid schizophrenic criminal cult ways), click here.

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