Scientology advertising on Technorati

I was just checking my Technorati profile and discovered a prominent advertisement for the Cult of Scientology’s video channel, which invites me to “Get the Facts” . Apparently making around 60 posts critical of the cult in less than 2 months has resulted in my becoming a part of their damage-control target market.

For more on Scientology, click here.

19 Responses to “Scientology advertising on Technorati”
  1. anonymous says:

    use the printscreen button to copy the current screen into your paste board. open up paint and paste it to make a screenshot.

  2. Teehee. I saw Scientology advertising on the Rational Response Squad website too. 😛

  3. labratbites says:

    I am not a scientologist. One thing I will say is I agree about their belief of doctors shoving meds on people. Did you know they get a”kickback” (paid money) by the companies to push their product.
    Whether the person needs them or not. Go to labratbites to see the ethics and morals of doctors.
    Scientology has some merit.

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    People have been criticizing over-prescription for years. Scientology, however, goes much further than this. For instance, it calls Psychiatry an industry of death and blames many of the worst travesties of the world on it. It blames many of the worst acts in the holocaust on psychiatry.

    Next, even if it did have a point– and when it comes to ovre-prescription, good arguments can surely be made– that doesn’t change its horrible record of unethical inhumane criminal activities.

  5. Vux says:

    Scientology has zero merit just because it happens to have common ground with the anti-psychiatric crowd.

    The Nazis were advocates of things like national health care plans and industrial safety. They built autobahns and embarked on a succesful plan to put the average worker behind the wheel of an affordable automobile. This doesn’t diminish the evils they did AT ALL.

  6. well Ron Brown and Vux. I suggest you go to you will see scientology does have merit.
    Dr.s are legal criminals who use and abuse people using pyscology. I worked in hospitals and have seen them bash, rape, toment the mental all because no one cared.
    Open and get the dirt out of your eyes and start realising Dr’s are more of the cause of the deaths of over prescribing and crimes. How quickly we forget Graeme Reeves, Patel, Shipman and all the other Criminal Dr’s.

  7. Frances:

    Wow…. Just…. Wow.

    “Doctors are legal criminals” you said. This could not be more uncalled for.

    I am very willing to concede that there are doctors who are also criminals. But to make a categoric declaration like that is just beyond all common decency. All the medical professionals – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc – with whom I’ve been involved have shown a high degree of care and competence in their duties.

    The medical establishment is not beyond reproach – but it’s hardly the institute of corruption and vile criminality that you claim it is.

    That’s a really irresponsible offhand remark, Frances. You could not be more wrong.

  8. Also:

    Not all doctors are out to shove meds on people. I had a severe depressive episode a few years ago. I went into see my doctor for some advice. He was adamant that drugs were not the way to go. He referred me to a pschologist that specialized in cognitive behavioural therapy. It worked wonders.

    I can accept that there may be some doctors that are a bit too trigger happy with the assigning of the behavior-modifying drugs – but I can vouch from personal experience that it’s not all of them.

    Hippocratic oaths are there for a reason.

  9. L. Ron Brown says:


    Firstly, I begin by thanking you for your comments. Between posting against religion, ID/Creationism, and Scientology, the quantity of irrational replies I receive can be quite overwhelming. So thanks for addressing so many of these comments.

    As for your comments:

    1) I agree, CBT is amazing. I use it, too. I highly recommend combining it with mindfulness meditation. The two make an incredible synergy that can really change your life in very positive ways. Meditation, like CBT, is strongly supported by scientific research as having benefits for psychological wellbeing, concentration, and it is also reported by many to promote insight and to promote the type of mindfulness and awareness of thought patterns that CBT promotes.

    2) Regarding Scientology and linking it to Expelled. A tactic of some propagandists is to link their target to Hitler or the Holocaust. Both Scientology and Expelled do this. Scientology blames the most horrible atrocities of the Holocaust on psychiatry, and Expelled blames the Holocaust on “Darwinism”. I think this might make Scientology as SP (Suppressive Person) Organization – or a Suppressive Organization. If you look up the description of SP, perhaps the first item on the list is “makes over-generalizations”. How in the hell how you blame the field of psychiatry for the Holocaust?! Even if – and I’m surely not saying it is – the case that German psychiatrists at the time were the ring-leaders behind the gas chambers, brutal human experimentation, and so on, how exactly does this tie to the psychiatrist working at a small practice in Deluth, Minnesota, or the team of psychiatrists working at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto?

    Psychiatry is in an unenviable position. It is literally guaranteed to be brutally criticized no matter what it does. If it were to just let people with serious disorders out onto the streets, it would be criticized for endangering society. If it locks them it, it is criticized for inhumanity. If it uses medications and fairly last-resort treatments like Electro Convulsive Therapy (which, as I understand it, does produce beneficial results in many – but I definitely should look into this more), it is accused of being deprogrammers and mad scientist/doctors, but if it weren’t to do this and rely only on the next best means of treating highly difficult to treat disorders like schizophrenia, it would be criticized for being painfully inept and for withholding medical treatments for which there is evidence of benefit.

    Psychiatry is responsible for dealing with some of the most difficult to treat and socially consequential conditions that any professional is tasked with. It is never going to make everybody happy. But it is monitored by governments, the medical profession as a whole, and human rights watchdogs. And on what grounds does anyone assume that psychiatrists are systematically malevolent?

  10. Hah! I’m glad to find someone else who’s given MBCT a go. Have you tried fully blown zazen? It’s the main course to MBCT’s entrée. It’s not for everyone, but if you found MBCT to be useful I strongly reccomend you give zazen a go.

    And on a complete and utter digression:

    I’m noticing some patterns in the arguments you’ve been having that seem familiar to me. Don’t ask me why, exactly… There’s just something in the pit of my belly that makes me think I’ve had arguments exactly like these before. I found that I was continually being confounded by the ability of my opponents to completely disregard the best reasoning and logic I could come up with. It was infuriating.

    So I did a little excercise. I took some time off and wrote four or five arguments on behalf of my opponents, using every trick, dodge, and rhetorical ploy that I could think of – and I’ve come across plenty in my time.

    It’s an interesting experiment. It really lets you get inside the head of the people you’re arguing with, so you can see what works and what doesn’t, what they can combat and what they can’t. One thing that I got out of it was that I realized just how easy it is to compose the standard creationist argument. I did a couple of essays where I mimicked Dinesh D’Souza, and I was amazed at exactly how little thought and effort I had to put in to duplicate his patter on paper. It was scary… And left me feeling a kind of dirty that didn’t wash off for days, I might add. But it was worth it to see how he and people like him operate in argument.

    I followed that up with a refresher course in the psychology of crimestop, and all of a sudden I saw that I’m not really up against people, persay. I’m up against a very dangerous, very insidious mindset. Once you realize that, it changes the lay of the argumentative landscape somewhat.

    But that’s enough pontification from me – for all I know, you’re already well versed in all this and it’s not my intent to condescend to you on your own game. Just throwing something out there that worked for me that you might get something from yourself. 😀

  11. L. Ron Brown says:

    On Zazen, I meditate pretty much daily for an avg of probably 25 mins (sometimes i’ll be 15 mins or zero, sometimes 30-40…. there are even some days where i’ll go for an hour at once and 2 hrs across the day, but those are very rare). My methods are influenced by Zazen as I’ve read one book on it and methods thought to me by a prof of mine who’s methods are probably most derived from vipassna (almost definitely messed the spelling up there).

    As for your exercise on taking the other side of the debate, I’ve never tried that and would be interested to hhear more about it – if there’s more.

  12. For some reason, the fact that you practice Zazen completely fails to surprize me. 😀

    It sounds like you sit more often than I do. I generally get 30 minutes in before bed every other night, but I’ve been pretty slack recently. A few months ago I came across three really good mp3 meditation timers that you might like.

    As for the excercise thing, we’re getting a bit too off topic, methinks. I flicked you an email. Sorry that it’s a bit on the long side – feel free to drop it if you don’t find it interesting.

  13. L. Ron Brown says:

    I’ll definitely check outyour email.

    Relating to medication, this area is where it seems like some of the Scientology training may have some genuine merit. One of the ways, apparently, that they get people in is that their early training is pretty decent (and affordable) – it just gets more expensive and less beneficial as you go on. Jason Beghe discussed his first session. They had him sit a few feet away from a Scientologist with his eyes closed (some ex-Scns report that it’s done with eyes open, but that may well be a different exercise altogether). So anyhow, he and the Scn were sitting this way for a while. They don’t stop until the subject has a prolonged “win”. The way he described his win sounded like he had had a deep transformative experience of greatly heightened awareness. The way he described it, it sounded like he had been a person who had been practicing meditation for a few months and had had a truly incredible experience of mindfulness that far surpassed anything of the sort he had ever experienced before. (Relatedly, I think many Scientologists may really appreciate meditation, in part for this reason). I would quite like to try out this experiment.

    Also, they definitely seem to train their members with some beneficial communication and mindfulness skills. Their drilling in receiving bullbaiting is a form of rigorous training in not being affected by the other person’s behaviours – whether they be inflammatory, distracting, whatever. It’s a communication-based rigorous training in mindfulness, concentration and self-control. Some Scientologists are extremely good at it. If you haven’t already, check out Tommy Davis on the Scientology & Me BBC special (he’s the Scn that harassed and led efforts to spy on John Sweeney and his BBC team) and his interview yesterday on CNN’s American Morning – you can find footage of both in my recent post on Tory Christman’s refutation of Tommy Davis. In watching him, you’ll see how good he is at this – and how much of a douche he is. If he is talking and the other person wants to say something and starts talking he continues talking right through the other person almost as if the other person hadn’t tried to interject at all. And he doesn’t really raise his voice or anything. Even when John Sweeney flipped on him (after Davis had spent days pushing his buttons), Sweeney continued to speak in a steady stream without raising his voice or really changing anything. His ability to be unaffected is simply amazing.

    I’ll definitely check out the email.

  14. Ron Brown and ubiquitous, I admit some mental patients need meds. Electro shocks are useless and damning. They use it to control only. Hitler used pyscology and they do today for their own advantage. Have you worked in mental hospitals as I have, seen the things they do as I have. Then you would know them as I do. I am not saying all, but too many are in that field to do crimes and get away with it as they can do nothing to stop it. The watchdogs know what goes on but do nothing, The AMA knows what they do and do nothing. People don’t care what happens as they see them as subhuman and consider they don’t know what is happening. They do know, thats why the nurses and doctors get attacked, the patients are sick of being brutalised by their captives. I am being tormented and abused for no other reason than greed and ego of doctors. They can and have never found anything mentally wrong with me, but they continue. I am locked in a quagmire to protect themselves from their crimes. I haven’t been to a doctor for 8yrs and the only time they will see me in their office is on a slab. So tell me what good have they done me or themselves. I would be interested to hear. I could certainly use a laugh.

  15. Ron and Ubiquitous, check my webpage and give your honest opinion. I can take and give honesty. Uninformed comments I will certainly set you straight. I do believe secret and controlling sectors are dangerous. That would go for Salvation army who have to leave if they marry outside the order. Doctors you have to admit cover, lie and protect each other. Pyscology has a lot to answer for. Read a book called Frances. See what they did to her. In reality you don’t really know what they did to Ron Hubbard. What he wanted. They murdered him and got away with it in the name of pychology.

  16. Frances says:

    Ubiquitious, yes some need meds, some doc’s are good. Then tell me why “good” doc’s allowed 500 women to be mutilated by Reeves, Patel. What they did to me are “crimes”, allowed to get away with it by the AMA, HQS. etc. Hospitals allowed them to do it. I know not all are criminals, but too many. If you don’t speak up you are as bad as the person doing it. Read my page and tell me they had a right. I can do nothing as branded you are stripped of all rights.

  17. Frances says:

    They have never proved me incompetent or mental. But still trapped.

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