Incivility in the city: Rogers Centre Bans Alcohol in cheap sections on $2 Tuesdays

As I note in my personal profile, I am a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays. I just learned that the Toronto Blue Jays management has elected to discontinue the serving of alcohol in the $2 sections on $2 Tuesdays. For those unfamiliar with this promotion, on select Tuesday home games tickets for the entire fifth level of the Rogers Centre (formerly the Skydome) and 200-level seats behind the homerun fence cost only $2.  And now, because of a small number of morally-challenged individuals who think it a good idea to be be disrespectful, uncivil, loud-mouthed, aggressive, and violent, these $2 sections will now be dry. Now, I personally won’t miss the alcohol because I’m not interested in paying $6.50 for a palatable-at-best domestic beer. But it is a depressing shame that such a measure had to be taken in the first place. Jays President and CEO Paul Godfrey also said that if the raucous behaviour continues the entire promotion might be scrapped for everyone. I would not blame him. It’s truly unfortunate when, as Godfrey put it, a few can ruin something for the majority.

So, what exactly has gone on over the past few days?

Godfrey and the Blue Jays decided that they’d had enough after what took place on Tuesday, when numerous fights broke out in the 500 level seats, which cost just $2 for the first of four games under the promotion. Roughly 100 fans were ejected from the game and there was at least one arrest.

During Toronto’s home opener on Friday, there were also a handful of fights in the 500 level, and Godfrey said there were also nearly 100 people escorted out of the stadium. In the ninth inning on Friday, a pair of especially rowdy fans shed some clothing and created a game delay by sprinting onto the field.

There were roughly 21,000 more people in the seats on Friday, so the fact that Tuesday netted nearly the same volume of ejections was alarming.

And this is not at all. I was at Tuesday’s game and like most people who live outside of the city, I took the GO Train home (GO stands for Government of Ontario; The GO provides regional transit in and around the Greater Toronto Area). About 3/4 of the way home there was a 10-15 minute delay because the train that was either right ahead of or behind the train I was on had to be completely de-trained with passengers coming onto the train I was on. Why? Because there was apparently a large fight (perhaps even a brawl) on the train!

All of this is a disgusting travesty. As George Costanza once or twice said “WE’RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY!!! WE’RE SUPPOSED TO ACT IN A CIVILIZED WAY!!”. You know why there are so many problems in the world? Because so many people today and yesteryear have lived their lives with remarkably little regard for their peers. Things like Aids in Africa, those are larger moral feats. But is it so much to ask that people act with some modicum of civility when they enter a public place?

One Response to “Incivility in the city: Rogers Centre Bans Alcohol in cheap sections on $2 Tuesdays”
  1. Derek says:

    the people getting drunk on the $10 beers (if there are any) aren’t the problem, it’s the guy who’s drinking the mickey of vodka he smuggled in.

    also, check out youtube for video of fights at the home opener. there’s a good one of a boston fan dumping her beer on a jays fan.

    just so you know, that train in front of you stopped near danforth because of a fight on board (someone hit the yellow emergency strip). it was then evacuated at rouge hill i believe because of brawling on the train station platform.

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