Tory Christman reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare

In these videos, former high-ranking Scientologist of 30 years, Tory (Magoo) Christman, reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare. An SP is someone who the Cult of Scientology administration has determined to be an enemy of the cult. They are viewed as evil, antisocial, and/or dangerous. Scientologists are not allowed to speak to them. Fraternizing with a declared SP can result in a Scientologist being subjected to interrogation with the aid of an e-meter (which functions as a crude lie-detector), and possibly being reprimanded and/or subjected to subsequent additional monitoring.

In addition to presenting the SP Declare, Christman rebuts claims made on it, and severely criticizes Scientology head David Miscavige and other executives, calling them cowards.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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One Response to “Tory Christman reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare”
  1. Nicki says:

    Good job, Tory.
    You’re as crazy as always. All the things I always liked about you.
    I don’t think you are an SP…outrageous maybe…but it is good that you are doing this.
    Too many good people”declared”, too much money regged for all of the wrong things, too many young kids sold a bill of goods.
    I don’t agree with all of your activities, but exposing the truth is vital. I am still a Scientologist, but will never do another service in the CofS.
    Can’t tell you my real name yet…but you know me. I haven’t gone public yet for my own reasons.
    I’ve seen your story…amazing..unbelievable…and I believe every word.
    Since I’ve decided that I no longer am “in” the church, I feel more free than ever. I actually do “think for myself”, and I am actually living a happier more fullfilling life in many ways.
    Take care.

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