Prof Christopher DiCarlo wins TVO’s Best Lecturer Competition

Christopher DiCarloProfessor/Dr. Christopher DiCarlo of Oshawa, Ontario’s University of Ontario Institute of Technology has been voted the winner of this year’s TV Ontario Best Lecturer Competition. DiCarlo is best known as an outspoken nontheist, a proficient debater against theism, and as a promoter, teacher and author on the topic of critical thinking. Interesting tidbit: DiCarlo once interviewed famous metal band Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan on subjects such as Keenan’s views on organized religion.

To learn more about DiCarlo and to view his winning lecture, click here.

Congratulations, Chris!


One Response to “Prof Christopher DiCarlo wins TVO’s Best Lecturer Competition”
  1. Nadia Troisi says:

    I remember seeing Chris’s lecture on TVO but didn’t find out until recently that he won. As a former student of his, I remember looking forward to his lectures knowing I’d be leaving thinking about something familiar in a totally unfamiliar way, but a logical way nonetheless.
    Way to go!

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