Expelled promoters lie…Who woulda thought?

John M. Lynch of ScienceBlogs blog Stranger Fruit was sent an email from the promoters of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed telling him that a local pre-screening of the crocumentary had been canceled. It was not canceled. Interestingly, the email about the “cancelation” was sent to only 29% of those who received the initial invitation, with recipients of the first email with email addresses such as “boughtbythecross,” “homeschoolma,” and “covenant-dad” conspicuously absent from the cancelation email. Lynch and others have inferred from this odd set of events that the second email was an effort to selectively weed out undesirable attendees (read: educated evolutionists). Lynch joins a slowly growing list of people who the Expelled promoters have tried to keep out of their pre-screenings, which already includes PZ Myers and Orlando Sentinel columnist Roger Moore. Way to stand up for academic freedom and against suppression of dissent…

One Response to “Expelled promoters lie…Who woulda thought?”
  1. Susie Roth says:

    It’s smart marketing to invite your friends to get out the word about a new movie. I was invited to pre-screening at SC DHEC auditorium last night and will be inviting friends to see the movie when it premieres on April 18 in more theaters than Fahreneit 9/11 when it premiered.

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