An electrifying video on Atheist statistics

Atheism is on the rise, atheists are disproportionately educated and intelligent, and are underrepresented in prisons, divorce statistics, and a wide variety of social ills. For more, watch this extremely well-made video.

(Click here if video is not working for you)

Hat Tip: Friendly Atheist

7 Responses to “An electrifying video on Atheist statistics”
  1. db0 says:

    Video doesn’t show for me :-/

    I don’t even see a link

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    db0: I have added a link to YouTube.

  3. artificialhabitat says:

    I liked the video, by I’m always suspicious of the prison statistics. It seems to me that many parole boards, etc, would tend to look favourably on people who have ‘found Jesus’ as part of atoning for their ‘sins’ – many of the people in prison who are reported to be ‘Christian’ might just be playing the system.

  4. Stoobs says:

    I have several friends who have been to prison, who insist that a lot of people who are put in prison do indeed convert. It very much depends on when they’re asking the inmate for their religion.

    On the other hand, the very fact that religion is most attractive to folks who are poor and uneducated does seem likely to leave them more numerous in prison – not that the wealthy and educated are less likely to do evil things, but they’re certainly far less likely to be punished for them.

  5. secondcitizen says:

    I wonder why no historical evidence has been sited in this video. Historically religious-based socities like those found within the bounds of the islamic empire have been very prosperous, enlightened and civilized. The video, albiet nicely made with that ‘Rob Dougan’ track ignores alot of facts and focuses mainly on comparing atheistic socities with christian ones without making any refrences to other religious-based socities. It reinforces the notion that atheism is the language and apparatus of progress and enlightenment in a very oblique and misleading fashion, take for instance the statistic associated with divorce, while it maybe true that divorce is lowest amongst atheistic socities it is also true that marriage is lowest amongst these socities as well, leading to a disproportionately high number of children being born outside of wed-lock. Furthermore the socities paraded in the documentary and presented as model socities have very low birth rates mainly due to the fact that men and women place more importance on career and self-enhancement than on family and community. The documentary also forgets to point out that values such as those associated with the strength of family units, communal duties and spirtuality which are cherished in religious socities are almost completely marginalized in the atheistic ones. The documentary also forgot to point out that a great number of historical figures that we consider to be profoundly enlightned such as Ibn Rushd, Sir Isac Newton, St. Augustine, Albert Einstein and countless others have themselves been, in one way or another, religious. So I suggest for the makers of the documentary to go back and take a more prudent look at facts surrounding the issue rather than throwing some scattered statistics against a background of rocking music to formulate a logic that even Britney Spears can argue with.

  6. suddenlysimple says:

    Since my belief is that religion is a form of brainwashing for the mentally weak, it seems easy enough to believe that more intelligent people are less likely to fall victim. Einstein was an athiest 🙂

  7. Stoobs says:

    Historically all kinds of societies have prospered. This says little about the worth of those models, except by comparison to the societies they existed alongside. Sure, there have been societies that prospered while being religious, in the past. That said, it is no challenge at all to see that in the modern world, religion is inevitably an impediment to progress, and the more secular a society, the more it prospers. This is an inevitable result of the fact that education is corrosive to religion, and religion corrosive to free inquiry.

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