Cult of Scientology trying to thwart protest, again

Prior to the March 15 Ides of March Operation Party Hard protest against the Cult of Scientology, the cult tried to thwart the Clearwater protest by filing an injunction, but failed, twice. Now they have a new strategy. At least the Philadelphia cult franchise does.

From Enturbulation:

Philadelphia Anons just filed a protest permit with the Managing Directors office. I just got a call from MDO, apparently CoS is now filing protest permits PRIOR to Anon, taking the protest spaces in front of and across from the church from Anon. I am assuming they are doing the same thing on Race St, where the current CoS building is. Philadelphia Anon’s are shooting for the Chestnut St. location, where traffic is high, and information dissemination is very high.

Bruce Thompson is the man on the permit, he is the head of CoS in Philadelphia.

Anons, keep your heads up for this in your area, as they might be attempting the same thing in your cities in order to keep Anon’s from protesting in your area.

The same article claims that the Philadelphia protest has been rescheduled to Sunday April 13, one day later than the the pre-planned international day of protest.

The theme of the next protest is Reconnection. One of the cult’s most offensive practices is enforcing the separation of families and friends on the basis of acceptance of the cult. Operation Reconnect is dedicated to encouraging reconnection of those who have been disconnected by the cult.

For more on Scientology, click here.

5 Responses to “Cult of Scientology trying to thwart protest, again”
  1. ozatheist says:

    That’s a neat trick, tag all the protest spaces outside your own premises so no one else can protest there.
    I’ll give them 1 point for thinking, but I’ll have to take 2 points off for being wankers.

    By the way L. Ron, you’ve just been awarded a Thinker Award for all these excellent Scientology posts. You can collect the award here (now with choice of 2 graphics)

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    They’re a crafty bunch.

    Sweet! I’m coming over now!

  3. Baldy says:

    Here’s a question: if the Co$ has already been kind enough to do the paperwork for a protest in that space, why doesn’t Anonymous simply go there and join their protest?

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