Scientology police charges against outed Anon, Sean Carasov, dropped

From Enturbulation:

The cult’s case against Sean is over.For public release and posting at your discretion:

To Anonymous:

I have just concluded a telephone call from a Los Angeles Police Department representative assigned to the major crimes division.

During that telephone call I was advised that both the Los Angeles District Attorney and the Los Angeles City Attorney had decided not to proceed any further with the filing of criminal charges against outed Anonymous participant Sean Carasov. This means that the case is over and there will be no further court appearances required by Sean.

The decision not to prosecute was made before I had emailed the existence of a video/audio report of the entire incident. This, or the CD copy, is now needed immediately by the LAPD. I said we would try and have it there tomorrow.

From the LAPD’s perspective the video/audio might indicate that the offense of filing a false police report had been committed. From Sean Carasov’s perspective it may support a law suit seeking damages for false arrest and imprisonment.

The 70 page draft declaration I provided this morning is now being read. It would not surprise me if the L.A.P.D. decided that the best action would be to take action in connection with matters in that document already.

During the conversation I obtained the distinct impression that the Scientology enterprise has a number of Anon participants under surveillance. I also received the message that provided Anon acted lawfully, and picketed lawfully, they would be just fine. However, the Scientology enterprise is going to great effort to try and find any unlawful conduct by Anon. And we know that if Scientology cannot find your “crime” then it will “manufacture” the allegations.

Obviously the entire incident should teach us all a lesson in not providing the cult an inch with which to take a mile! Let DM be the only one who “goes postal.”

Congratulations Sean.

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