Hypnosis and Mind Control in the Cult of Scientology

This short video features former high-ranking Scientologists, Robert and Stacy (Brooks) Young, discussing the application of hypnosis and mind control in the Cult of Scientology. The methods are said to be geared at cultivating the ability to control others and be controlled by others.

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5 Responses to “Hypnosis and Mind Control in the Cult of Scientology”
  1. rltjs says:

    A Canadian-Filipino Catholic priest has made waves in the Philippines lately, walking around like Jesus Christ followed by a big crowd asking to be cured, wherever he went.

    Its called Faith healing known in old times as heresy if practiced other than by church people.

    People caused themselves to become sick and they can be caused to be healed. Thats Faith healing. This is one sickness and cure that applies only to religious fanatics.

  2. rltjs says:

    Living with internal conflicts can be self tormenting that causes imbalances resulting to sickness in the end. Thats a theory of course.

  3. Matt says:

    Thought you might like to know about this news story:

  4. Warwick says:

    Very interesting.
    I have a blog on hypnosis – you may care to visit at some stage.


  5. You simply can NOT “control others” through hypnosis. It is a very powerful tool but the whole “mind control” thing is a myth.
    See here for more information

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