7chan accuses Cult of Scientology of attacking Epilepsy forum

From 7chan:

I would just like to discuss this nasty business about a terrible raid on a forum for the poor people who suffer from epilepsy. What happened there was terrible, and we feel deeply sorry for those affected.

Users of this site did not actually attack those individuals. The Church of Scientology posted numerous threads across many *chan sites, and then informed people that Anonymous had been attacking victims of epilepsy. They did this under their “fair game” policy, to ruin the public opinion of Anonymous, to lessen the effect of their lawful protests against their virulent organization.

I must say, it is disgusting that the CoS is willing to drag innocent people down with them, in an attempt to save themselves. How could anyone be a willing participant in their terrible organization?

Sadly, none of our staff were online at the time of the thread’s posting, so we were unable to take it down.

We are truly and deeply sorry for what happened to these innocent people,
Thank you for your time spent reading this apology,
The Administration and Staff of 7chan.org

According to an article on Wired, the forum raids included the submission of posts designed to trigger epileptic seizures using flashing images. There have been reports of mild seizures and migraine headaches by forum visitors.

For more on Scientology, click here.


Addendum (1 AM, April 5, 2008):

It may very well be the case that these dispicable antics were carried out not by Scientologists but by OldNons. What are OldNons? Some background. Anonymous did not start in January with the famous Message to Scientology video that foreshadowed the denial of service attacks on the Scientology website, and the many prank phone calls, faxes and emails. Anonymous existed as a loosely structured anonymous community of Internet users on online forums. Anonymous had been around long before the Scientology protests. Anonymous has never had a governing body. It has always simply been a community where anyone could join in to exchange ideas, jokes, silly things, pull pranks (some of which went too far), and so on. Each Anon’s behaviour was self-determined. Anonymous has always been an ararchistic online social community with only a few rules: everyone must be anonymous (no names or nicknames; the reasons for this include the desire for ideas to be evaluated based on their content, not on their source, and so that people could feel more free to truly speak what they were thinking); no child porn. The Scientology activism actually grew out of a specific project developed by a few Anons in a user group (4chan). The project entailed bringing down Scientology’s website, flooding it with prank calls, emails and faxes, and hopefully bringing down the entire enterprise through these means. Unexpectedly, the Anons came across long-time Scientology protesters (most notably Mark Bunker, or “Wise Beard Man” as the New Anonymous community (i.e., those protesting Scientology who may or may not be affiliated with Oldnonymous) has dubbed him), who shared a few things with them: 1) Info showing that Scientology was much worse than they had thought; 2) For their own good and the good of the movement against Scientology’s criminalism, the protesters need to stop by the digital vigilante-ism and start grassroots protests). The Anons attacking Scientology heeded Bunker’s advice and also became more committed to the protest when they learned of more of the horrible things the cult was doing. As the NewNon group formed and info on Scientology’s crimes spread, NewNonymous grew to what it is today.

The emergence of NewNonymous has frustrated some of the OldNons. They feel that Anonymous has been hijacked. And to be fair, it has. The Anonymous name, logo, memes, slogans, and really just about as much of its culture as could be taken to the streets has been co-opted by NewNonymous in their protest of Scientology. Frustrated by this, some have claimed that some OldNons are actively trying to sabotage NewNonymous. This attack of the epilepsy forum may have been an act of sabotage on NewNonymous. Alternatively – and perhaps more probably – it may simply have been a group of Anonymous community members going for a rather twisted brand of LULZ. Recall that the conduct of individual Anons is self-determined. However, one could ask: Could the administrator of the forum have stopped this on time? This is an open question.

89 Responses to “7chan accuses Cult of Scientology of attacking Epilepsy forum”
  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous did it. There is the start of a civil war within Anon. The oldnon consider the newnon to be destroying the culture of anon. they would rather destroy anon than see it taken over by newfags.

  2. Mike says:

    Oh man. I’m one of the protesters against the Church of Scientology, and I really don’t understand how people could be blaming Anonymous for this thing. Scientology is against its members taking medication to stop them from getting seizures, for example, Tory “Magoo” Christman

    Jocelyn Dorfmann died from an epileptic seizure in Scientology care in France.

    Heribert Pfaff died from an epileptic seizure in a Scientology hotel in Clearwater.

    James Stewart committed suicide after CoS put in him in a Condition of Doubt for having epileptic seizures in public.

  3. LOL says:

    lol wut? $ciefags trying to hack boards? bad joke.

  4. Mento says:

    Check out the other posts here. Lately ALMOST EVERY POST has been about Scientology!

    I love it.

    Even though your intent is to oppose it, you’re actually just as obsessed with Scientology as everyone else. The “Anonymous” dupes are actually literally ADDICTED to Scientology and they can’t get away from it. In their zeal to oppose Scientology, they actually study Scn documents more than Scientologists! The names, the terms, the concepts, the tech – it’s all part of your mindset now.

    That you THINK you oppose it and hate it right now is irrelevant, you’ll grow out of that someday. All that matters right now is that LRH, even from beyond the grave, succeeded in getting HIS basic ideas and concepts into all of YOUR heads.

    Thanks for playing! 🙂

    • poops says:

      actually LRH only wanted to make money Mr.Mento which you cant do from beyond the grave , thus LRH failed like a fat cunt

  5. stushie says:

    Hey Mento, good old JC has done that for 2000 years…LRH is just a blip on the radar compared to Him.

  6. Matt says:

    Damn. I understand and have read up on Hitler’s ideas. I guess, by Mento’s logic, that means Hitler was a great man?
    LRH was a delusional, hypocritical con-man and nothing else.

  7. Stoobs says:

    It’s doubtful that Elron was delusional – just deeply dishonest.

  8. Stoobs says:

    Besides, if you’re reading scientology documents without paying the church its fee, I’m pretty sure that’s tantamount to an act of terrorism by their standards.

  9. L. Ron Brown says:


    Yeah, that was extremely weak. Where’s your critical thinking?

    Whether I like it or not, LRH created a dangerous international cult. That’s just reality, and I’m comfortable admitting it. Given that I’ve admitted it, my next step was to oppose its illegal and unethical activities. I am doing this by helping to spread awareness of these activities and encouraging more and more people to protest and to continue protesting. It is people like *me* who are helping to keep Scientology on the front burner. It is people like me who are helping to keep protesters from getting bored or losing their conviction. And it is people like me who are making more and more people aware that the Cult of Scientology is more than just weird, kooky, paranoid, and frivolously litigious. It is downright dangerous. And you can try to spin this issue around and focus it on me—trying to say that I’m obsessed with Scientology (as if it were a bad thing to become temporarily fixated on getting society to oppose the clear-cut enemy to humanity that this cult is run to be), or whatever—but that does not change the fact that this is a dangerous unethical criminal cult that we are dealing with here.

  10. Solocardate says:

    Hmmm…by Mento’s logic, oncologists have all subconsciously been duped by cancer’s agenda.

  11. kamikazeian says:

    What Are We Talking bout?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Does it really matter? Anonymous isn’t some kind of group, anyone can be a part of it. It would be like saying New Yorkers attacked x or white people attacked y. It is just a label for people who wish to be anonymous online.

  13. FrankvdWaal says:

    I think the important thing is that we make a divide between these two kinds of Anonymous. This article calls them the “OldNon” and the “NewNon”. This is not a good divide. I am a protester, but I’ve been with Anonymous for four years now. There are many more oldbies out there.

    A better divide that is to be made would be the moralfags and the /i/nsurgents. The reason I am not a part of the /i/nsurgents is exactly because of shit like this. Attacking innocent people was never even part of Anonymous. Anonymous had a hive mind, but even within its hive mind it had its unwritten social rules.

  14. Anonymous says:

    FrankvdWaal you’re a fucking newfag moron. You probably didn’t “join” Anonymous since the chanology rAIDS. Anonymous attacked “innocent” people all the time. We are the most despicable human beings you will find anywhere on the internet. If there’s a fetish for it, we fap to it. We are uncaring sadistic fucks that get off to the pain of others. Most of us are pedophiles as well. Betcha didn’t know that newfag? To learn more go to anonymous.on.nimp.org

  15. FrankvdWaal says:

    I joined Anon 4 years ago. You don’t need to tell me the definition of Anonymous. We don’t attack innocents, we attack people who are asking for it. Gaiafags, Myspace users, pedophiles, white supremacists, habbo’s, anyone who is too damn stupid to be on the internet is our personal fair game.

    • poops says:

      your dumb, and silly, in fact you’re a silly mcdumdum, anon=freaks there are some who do what you do (me included) but the vast majority of anons are cold unfeeling perverts

  16. Tefari says:

    Can you idiots stop squabbling and take this to the streets like men?

  17. MaskedDummy says:

    So , are they going to make another 7chan? Or will they make another and rename it 8chan or something?

  18. Namefag says:

    Anonymous is mob mentality. Nihilism incarnate. A cowardly, audacious, marvellous and precocious breed of destroyer that delights in leaving its prey reeling and bleeding. We want our prey to live, you see. Because it will suffer. Like a retarded human raised to adulthood by altruistic parents with altruistic intentions, refusing to comprehend the hell they’ve consigned the defective individual to with their good intentions. Except we lack the good intentions, though we might like to make the prey think we have them. Until the moment of the kill. And because the kill will hurt all the more then.

    Scifags are a cancer. Newfags are a cancer. Christfags, Crimefags and Lawfags are a cancer. And we delight in exterminating said cancers.

    FrankvdWaal has it right. Cancer is fair game for the killing. And Anon don’t need to be told what they are, because Anonymous congregates naturally.

    We are legion. We are many, because none of us is as cruel as all of us. We are what every leming, every lapdog, every rebel and every reject of humanity would be if they shed the sum total bullshit thrust upon them from birth. We are Anonymous. We do not forgive, we do not forget; and we do it all for the lulz….

  19. Anonymous says:

    No Frank, you are the newfags. Seriously, anonymous doesn’t do anything unless there is lulz involved. You think we don’t do shit to innocent people? You’re fucking deluded. Go back to fucking 4chan with all your myspays gaiafag freinds.
    Also, enjoy your AIDS.
    Also, cocks.
    That is all.

  20. Rosalyne says:

    FrankvdWaal, you’re saying that Anonymous has it’s -own- “Fair Game” policy? Isn’t that saying that we’re stooping to $cientologys level? I may be a NewAnon, but I’ve been watching Scientology for five or six years. Hell, I don’t even consider myself ANY sort of Anon after hearing what you said. The original purpose to stay Anonymous is to not get in trouble. And since Anon has no leader, there is no “we”, there is only “you” and your attacks on innocent people.

    Even the newly turned Scientologists are innocent.
    The new Anon is about fixing what is wrong, not preying on people who like Gaia or Habbo.

    The old Anon needs to get a grip and stay in the “anonymous jokes/porn/stories” section so that the new Anons can do a social justice.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous is experiencing buildup of public individuality, which is corrosive to anon. There will be another civil war, and its end will mean mass destruction and new branches.

  22. lol anon does it for the lulz buddy, what sounds lulzier fuckin up a website so that we can see a bunch of people “brainwashed” people get butthurt or standing out in the cold to protest? the newfags on the street doing it for “justice” and still being a part of anon are hypocrits. i think its funny as hell sein a bunch of brainwashed people give their money to an evil corporation it was their choice. you say you do it to protect innocent people but then the same group you think you are “in” goes and posts shit on epilepsy forums with the intent on giving people seizures. ha man i dont consider myself part of anon since i just started goin on the chans but everytime im on 4chan i get bored so fuckign fast from seeing the same damn memes used over and over and if it isnt those same memes its a bunch of 13 year old attention whoring boys in anon for “justice” trying to force a meme to take credit for it
    im probably a newfag but if you protestors want to do it for “justice” change your goddam name from anonymous youd be a hypocrit if you were helping innocent people and considering yourself part of anon

  23. i look at oldanon and see some of the funniest shit ever. its a bunch of people who are out there to bash everything. they bash christfags while simultaniously bashing atheists just for the lulz they dont give a piss about who they offend as long as they offend someone and if they dont then they just try to offend someone else i see peopl who just dont care and its great. they arent oversensitive i wouldnt be surprised if the same people who fuck with christfags are christians. people need to grow up and learn to take a joke and thats what i see in oldanon(to me its a type of justice… a sick, twisted, messed up justice and its funny as shit)

    now i look at newanon and i see a bunch of dumbasses. mot of newanon is only in it for attention. i read L. Ron Brown’s post and i gaurentee “if” they finally do bring down the scifags a bunch of people who think they are in anonymous are gonna come and take the credit, its not for justice its for attention. im willing to bet that most newanons are the camwhores and attention whores on myspace and if they arent then most of them are just like them
    i DO think its a good thing that someoen is trying to stop the Co$ but just dont associate with anon

  24. Anon Rblz says:

    So what if anon does shit like that, we’re anon, not anyone’s personal army. Epic Win is what you make of it, so if your anus tingles at the thought of punching babies then go for it. I’m with the antiscifag fags on the issue of the scifags, but just because I like big targets. This isn’t about compassion and it cannot be about compassion. If you are going to nail the scifags do it so you can see their expressions while raping their asses. If you are don’t want anything to do with it and want to make a retard spasm in front of his screen have fun with that. Both are in the spirit of anon.

    However, If you are being anti scifag because you feel some form of compassion or moral duty then you do not deserve to call yourself anon. You can go to the rally, chant whatever the fuck you want to, hell, you can even pretend that you are anon and wear the silly mask and ask the scifags “do you liek thetan-kips?” But you know you are pretending and thats all that really matters. When its all over you will probably forget that you called yourself anon, just like all the other silly little phases you went through.

    Those of us who are screwing with the scifags for the anon reasons know who we are. When the scifags fall or when we get bored with them we will probably turn right arround and make fun of the an heroes you are waving the posters of. You know, the ones that went batshit and pwned themselves when the scifags wouldn’t let them have their medicine.

    If you newfags have a prob with this you can shove it, and that goes for you oldfagz too.

  25. Nosreme says:

    Well, although I’m against Scientology and I would love to take part in the raids. (no Scifags around me) I think that if there ever was a “riot” (protesters gone wild) that innocent Scientologists would be hurt, you have to remember. These people don’t willingly become mindless drones. The best thing we can give them is an iced cream.

  26. roger gonnet says:

    Scientology will ever sattack anyone criticizing it, whethher for a good or a bad reason or motivation.That’s the evident signof its totallitarism.
    Scientology is as criminal as any totalitarian systems. That’s why it should be dismantled or forbidden.

  27. George O'Well says:

    Tom Cruise said:”…. if you’re in you’re in, if you’re out you’re out. ” He made a definite distinction between two sets of people to determine ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

    I am 100% in the fight against an evil organisation, and I’ll be doing what I can when I can. I suppose I cannot expect others not to tire or get bored, but this fight has been going on since Hubbard started it all in the fifties. It still isn’t won yet, and still can be lost by inattention, complacency and waning interest.

    I am IN for the duration like my family was against the Nazies. Others may just like demonstrating, and I’m not going to pressure anyone to do more than they want or can.
    I make myself personally responsible for my own actions as part of one individuals fight. I will help and be helped under certain circumstances tactically. All the decisions I make, I make alone. I am determined to remain anonymous, for the safety of my family and the effectiveness of the struggle. The ‘movement’ of ‘Anonymous’ warms me and encourages me. If there is some kind of change in the original movement of ‘Anonymous’ it will naturally leave behind and annoy those who wish to keep things the way they were.

    But if you do your research and still do not see the vital importance of putting the death of Scientology before irresponsible fun and games, there must be something lacking in your character.
    The squabble between so-called Old and New Anonymous folk is to me irrelevant. I don’t give a monkeys if the Old are annoyed because the New have nicked things from them. If they want to be petty, abusive and divisive then know that some calling themselves Anonymous are not to be relied upon. The ‘movement’ has moved on-developed-changed-renewed itself.

    When these Old Anons decry and look down on the ‘new’
    ‘members’ of Anonymous they are diverting attention to themselves, and the criticism of ‘attention seeking’ aimed at the demonstrators should be seen as an irony which their sense of humour is unable to understand. (Some of the Old Anons appear to have fixed ideas as to what Anonmous means. Logically then – the essential fluidity of Anon’s anarchy ; leaderless, free-thinking is being corrupted by the stale old farts there, crying foul because they can no longer smoke in pubs.)

    When you are dealing with the this generation of Nazies, you can’t piss just about having fun. Some posters here have the pleasure of freedom and other things which would be taken away from them should Scientology persevere. If they are annoyed they can simply call themselves something else and get out of the way. My thanks to them though, for the original name, actions and masks, which made for the surge in

  28. Bubsie says:

    It’s “Oldfags” and “Newfags”. Where the fuck did you get this non shit?

  29. FrankvdWaal says:

    Rosalyne, it’s not a Fair Game policy as such.
    I am protesting. Not because people are suffering, (oh the humanity!) but because it’s pretty damn funny to see the Scientologists squirm, desperately trying to retake their grip on the situation. THAT is the true spirit of Anonymous. Making others kick and scream because we’re foul monsters like that.
    In case of the CoS it’s justified for outsiders. In the case of, say Habbo Hotel, we never left any real damage, except a big server load and SwastiGETs in the rooms, further pissing people off.

    I think Anon Rblz hit the nail on the head: It’s not about compassion. It’s about making the big guys weep. Scientology, Habbo Mods, it’s all good.
    Everyone who thinks otherwise is not Anonymous and is used as mere padding to impress in numbers.

    Also, lol at “Anonymous”‘s May 21, 2008 / 12:56 pm comment. lern2english first before you open your pietrap, k?

  30. George O'Well says:

    Things have developed lately and the term Anonymous is being reinterpreted, whether you like it or not. Why you think this is a perversion of the original Anonymous I don’t know. I’m also ignorant about is how much credibility you have in determining the ‘true spirit’ of Anonymous. Does your opinion have greater weight than other people who consider themselves Anonymous but with differing opinions ? How much of Anonymous ‘meaning’ is fixed and unchangeable? Who suggests change, and who combats it? No group is as loosely based as it thinks it is.

    I think it’s very important for the public to know what Anonymous actually is. Those who are extremely grateful for Anonymous participation in the fight against Scientology ought to know especially if there are elements within Anonymous who are not to be relied on -simply because of the ‘philosophical’ stance like yours.

    The fight against Scientology is not limited to the superficial pleasure of ‘making the big guys weep’ it’s about taking away their power and influence. If you’ve done a bit of research you’ll see how important that is. It appears though that you don’t really care.

    The surprise for me from some of these posts, is the level of sado-masochistic tendencies in them. Those posters claim to be the true spirit of Anonymous, but I think sado-masochism in already in the character. Anonymous is just a way to express them.

    So to lessen the confusion you could consider renaming the Anonymous you are adhering to, or you could try to persuade the ‘fake’ Anonymous to find a new name.

  31. General Public says:

    I can see Scientology taken advantage of this split in the Anon ranks The cult is constantly looking for a weak spot to attack. Now they have one. L Ron’s research was less on the mind or in space than on military strategy -that is how the cult functions has always functioned. Part of this mind set establishes a system of intelligence gathering and thinks of ways to undermine the enemy.

    Then it watches as the enemy turns on itself. Look at Frank standing up “I’m Anonymous” and some other poster says “No Frank, you are the newfags..” I’m Anonymous!!!! And while you are shouting, the innocent get shafted and your ‘anarchistic online social community’ penetrated . One of the greatest mistakes in warfare is to underestimate your opponent. Scientology underestimated Anonymous but NOW they know they made a mistake and are trying to rectify it by improving their tactics.

    Just look at the crappy posts by Scientologists- you know straight away who one is. But can you be sure that this isn’t a clever way to lull us into a sense of security? We think we can identify one without a problem. But can you be sure that Frank isn’t one? He shows his lack of responsibility, morals and virtues in the same predictable selfish pattern as the mates of Miscavige. Have a look at the Allied intelligence services understanding and use of Black Propaganda. Hubbard did. The best type is that which does not appear to originate from the enemy.

    Some members of Anonymous, thinking they are untouchable, are going to get their asses kicked. Those fools imagine they can operate in a moral vacuum without any discipline at all. In a fight they’ll be the first ally to leave your side. They can’t be trusted because their lack of morals means they can be bought. Look at what Anon Rblz Says:
    May 23, 2008 at 2:18 am
    So what if anon does shit like that, we’re anon, not anyone’s personal army. Epic Win is what you make of it, so if your anus tingles at the thought of punching babies then go for it.

    How much did he get for saying that?

  32. FrankvdWaal says:

    George, Anonymous has always been the same. We’ve seen some changes, especially as of late with all the newbies dropping in. My opinion does not matter here, nor does yours. Fact is that Anonymous has always been humanity to its most brutal core. You cannot just change that.

    Anonymous is a group of internet scum sitting behind their computers masturbating, weeping over it, and then throwing objects at other things or people to make them feel better. It is mankind with all impulses released. As you say, it’s sadomasochism expressed.

    Sure, we help people by protesting Scientology. We don’t mind. It’s just that we don’t really care about them personally. We care about having a good laugh. You made a very interesting statement there. “The fight against Scientology is not limited to the superficial pleasure of ‘making the big guys weep’ it’s about taking away their power and influence.” This is very true. We take away their power and influence. They get desperate. They kick and scream like the pathetic fools they are. They get butthurt, we laugh.

    You may have your personal reasons for protesting Scientology, because you care, but Anonymous does not. But Anonymous has been, and will always be for the lulz. I would like to reiterate that Anonymous has always raided targets that were asking for it, people who were amazing lulzcows. You are our tools. We are yours. You do us a favour by putting your heart and soul into the propaganda. We do you a favour by hurting their ego’s and fearlessly trolling the everliving hell out of them, and by walking that thin line between moral and immoral; legal and illegal. Anonymous like gray. (Ab)use it like we abuse ourselves. Critics out there do, you should too. We’re not evil. We’re unrestrained.

    That said, moralfags should consider renaming themselves. After all, remember that it’s moralfags splitting off. Not Anonymous.

  33. General Public says:

    Frank ,

    As Mark Bunker said, people have been attacking the cult for decades, and they don’t want their efforts undermined. The cult won’t be brought down by ridicule alone, though it’ll play a part. Patience and endurance, analysis and distribution of information are most important.
    As has been expressed by you, or one of the other posters ,when you no longer get any fun out of it and get bored you will change your target. How will this effect the efforts of the poor old sloggers like me, will you be a drag on our endeavours?

    Having said that though I don’t think you’ll get bored that quick, there’ll always be something poking it’s head out of the bag. We havn’t seen the worst of scientology yet. When the beast is finally cornered we will see a viciousness that it’s fear will encourage. You may have heard of the ‘Nacht und Nebel’ course taken by the Nazi’s to silence opponents. It means ‘Night and Fog’. Opponents would simply disappear without any explanation or information as to where they were held, under what pretext, or if they were being held at all.

    I predict , because the patterns of behaviour and thinking of the scientology management is predictable, this tactic will be employed at some stage relative to the nearness of the organisations collapse. It’ll be one of the last ones before they start murdering each other. Miscavige is not going to put his hands in the air to say ‘Okay, you got me, it’s a fair cop.’ He’s going to go down fighting, and he’s not going to care who he destroys in the process.

    The great attribute of Anonymous is their unpredictability. As soon as this changes, as complacency sets in, lives will be at stake, if they aren’t already. You have to be on your guard against infiltration, which the cult are very adept at. I don’t think a sense of lulz is sufficient protection against it.

  34. George O'Well says:

    Hello again FrankvdWaal,
    The ‘grey zone’ as you put it, is an important element in the best of humour but watch that thin line between legal and illegal, sometimes it moves of it’s own accord.
    I would agree with renaming the moralfag element of Anonymous, for pragmatic reasons, but the name doesn’t belong to anyone.

  35. FrankvdWaal says:

    General Public: The old sloggers may continue. Despite our reasons, our goal is one and the same. That’s what makes this such a beautiful unholy alliance. As for protection against infiltration, it is just as we say. One falls, ten stand up. The thing about Anonymous is not harassing people who are asking for it, it’s also taking it up the ass if you dropped the ball.

    We move along with that line.
    Which brings us back to my original point. This epilepsy raid was likely illegal, but especially pathetic.

  36. jimmy says:

    Ummm… this is just silly.

    You can’t highjack anon. Anon is just a mass of people that do whatever it is that they think they should be doing to be anon. Whatever anon thinks it should be, that is what it will be, at least for a while. If the “antiscifags” want to protest under the banner of anon, that is their business. If /i/nvadors want to give tards siezures, that is their business.

    Although it is pretty douchey that a bunch of fags are attempting to portray anon as somthing that it is not. If you want to protest, fine. If you want to say you are part of anon, that is fine (although you arn’t really anon anymore). But dont try to say that all anon supports or should support something.

    By the by, y’know who else started a dangerous international cult? Jesus Christ.

  37. jimmy says:

    oh and i forgot.



    STFU about nazi’s and shit. What I forgot to mention is that anon IS an embodiment of human nature. Everything is anonymous, there are no consequences, and so people act the way they really are. Have you ever even been to one of the chans? Have you seen the relentless n1gg3r spamming?

    Maybe you actually care. It is a possibility. But anon is general human nature, and humans are evil bastards. If the newfags want to protest scientology, they can join a group.

    Besides, it’s not like a majority of anons ate part of the protests. They are just the most vocal part. They are probably less then 1 percent of the real number. Of course I have no proof of this, but I am fairly certain that this is more or less true.

    now… TITS OR GTFO

  38. Anonymous says:

    “According to an article on Wired, the forum raids included the submission of posts designed to trigger epileptic seizures using flashing images.”

    I lol’d.

  39. FrankvdWaal says:

    You’re right, jimmy. The moralfags are the ones following. The old guard is rare. I am disappointed myself whenever I request USB lines and nobody knows what the fuck I am talking about.

    But we are not vocal. We’re usually just blending in, like we have always done. We are the ones not screaming shit about mudkipz and >9000. The protestfags you see are usually not the old guard. But like you, we are watching and waiting.

    It’s a shame there cannot be cooperation between us. I’d love for the /i/nsurgents to continue doing what they do best. I can’t do shit like /i/ does, nor do I have the patience to learn it. So I go out and do it the public way. I troll. A lot.

    To each his own, but if it wasn’t for the vocal moralfags, I am sure unity would be a lot easier. Alas, brother.

  40. This oldfags/newfags/moralfags/ /i/nsurgent thing is really interesting to watch. It’s kind of like watching a religion schism into an ‘orthodox church’ and a ‘reformed church’.

    The really cool bit is how the phrase ‘Anonymous’ is set up such that it means whatever someone thinks it means. Essentially, ‘Anonymous’ as a concept is now out of the control of any one person or group of people. It’s becoming even more anarchic than the people who founded it might have wanted it to be. I find it to be no surprize that people calling themselves Anonymous that appear in public have chosen the mask of V as one of their symbols.

    Out of interest, does anyone know how Alan Moore feels about Anonymous taking up the image of one of his best creations?

  41. Xander Legere says:

    This took exceptionally long to read. Being only a passive observer of the “Scientology Scamanology which from lengthy description seems like a organization in need of some actual regulatory oversight from a sovereign body”

    However I am impressed by the childish comments clearly left by those who wish to take away from the spirit of this blog.

    I for one applaud Ron’s efforts to show the terrifying scenarios that this organization when left to its own vices will take to protect their paranoid fantasy world.

    But this anonymous divide: Guys you are arguing over a word.

    You always have bigger things to worry about than THAT.

  42. George O'Well says:

    jimmy is living in a moral vacuum if he thinks there are no consequences to behaving irresponsibly ie. caring only for the lulz and nothing else. Also his view on human nature is behaviourist and incomplete. Being an ‘evil bastard’ is a choice we make, we are not confined or helpless in rejecting any form of impulse.

    I think jimmy likes being part of a group and enjoys the identity it gives him. But his predictable sharing of a group mentality means he cannot truly move in an invisible way.
    One of the qualities of being anonymous is the ability to be invisible. It’s an intelligence which goes beyond jimmy’s rigid conceptual thinking.

    His sentence `By the by, y’know who else started a dangerous international cult? Jesus Christ.´ shows how much he lacks in study and humour. Jesus was a Jew until the day he died, he never started anything. It makes his dig look stupid.

    jimmy is dangerous to anonymous because he shouts too much. His bravado shows weakness of character and when he repeats himself verbally, as he undoubtably will, those who want to find a way in will focus on him. The enemy spy learns your mindset, befriends and agrees with you to lull you into a sense of security and then manoevers you subtly into the position where they can do the most damage.

    jimmy m’lad, I wouldn’t trust you to make tea.

  43. George O'Well says:

    I agree with you George, guys like jimmy are an impediment. He needs a cold shower or something to wake him up.

    “But anon is general human nature, and humans are evil bastards. “
    Jimmy! You have found an expression and have adopted it as you’d chose a shirt in a shop: “Yes, it suits me I think I’ll buy it.”
    But you havn’t seen the defects and flaws in the expression. It’s as if you have bought a shirt because of the style and colour but neglected to test it’s textile strength. The expression is worn out : the shirt rips after the first serious wash. But you still wear it, not even noticing how ragged it is. You want to be part of a group. Those that share your taste can’t help you because their clothes were bought in the same shop. They can’t see your rags for what they are either. It’d mean looking into their own wardrobe, but that would be too embarrassing for them -like being caught wearing your old 1970’s flared trousers on the way to the laundrette because they were your only alternatively to making the journey in your underpants.

    Worse is wearing inadequate clothing in bad weather. On the physical level we usually learn this lesson fast . On the mental plane we don’t so easily make the connection between using classical well worn-out cliches and the state of our intellectual health. Constant use of cliches shows the intellect of a given brain as malfunctioning, becoming stale, slowing down to a halt. It becomes ill.

    Far greater than the self important shouting that jimmy indulges in is the capacity we have to co-operate with each other. Everybody does it every day except for the psychotic lunatic. A simple conversation is a form of co-operation. Hardly noticeable !

    Why isn’t this capacity given greater credit?
    Is it because the other one is so much more darkly interesting?
    Is it because some people need an excuse to indulge themselves?
    Is it because some people are afraid to move their brains from the comfort of ignorance?

  44. Clark says:

    As an Ex-Scilo, it makes me sad that the only group that has been able to deal this much damage to Scientology since it’s existence is so divided.

    If you guys even knew how much of an effect you guys have, more power than you know. Your motives should vary, but this isn’t some sideshow, you guys are doing serious damage to their image, serious PR nightmares for the Scilo’s. My last Org didn’t even sell one copy of Dianetics during Bookathon thanks to Anon.

    I’m not a part of you, but I see what you are doing, and if this ends and the Scilo’s win, it’ll depress me for the rest of my life. There were people like us, during the 70’s who tried to fight them, and lost. Now, more than ever, we have a chance to do something honestly, ridiculously amazing.

    Do it for the lulz, for whatever it is that you do it, but stop them before they take other kids into the Sea Org like they did me and my sister. Stop them before this continues beyond control. The Scilo’s should not be exempt and be receiving benefits from our tax dollars, they should not get away with murder and child exploitation, for conning the spirit, and those that truly need help.

    I found my way here, thanks to small, insignificant people like yourselves. I am sure there are others. You may not be looking for it in particular, but you have my thanks.

  45. Anonymous says:

    This entire discussion is wrong, and no part of what /b/ was cersus is can be defined as what they raided or why they raided it because, oh what oops, /b/ was no built on raids.

    The problem is, to quote: “Oldfags are intelligent people acting like idiots. Newfags are idiots not getting the joke.”

    Call everything epic while having a pointless argument; you’re part of the hill sloping down. The huge problem is with newfags around, oldfags are too busy trying to differentiate themselves and insult the newfags to not take things seriously. As we all know, when things are taken seriously, everybody is already missing the point.

    Be sure to respond, validation is in retaliation.

  46. Virgilanoogatica says:

    It seems this article is way off the mark. Old/new is a false dichotomy created by OSA to divide Anonymous. For the most part, all the old/new stuff was a very small thing prior to January 16, when the chans began raiding Scientology. Back then, it was more like calling someone a noob or something. Since then, the OSA infiltrators, actually Scientology youth managed by OSA, have worked at creating division within the chans and have actually been pretty successful, though far too late to affect many of the committed protestors’ opinions. They are still managing 4chan at the moment. They have counter-raided as early as last Monday when they unleashed a ton of cp and some spambots. After that, Moot caved in, something happened for him to turn on his constituents, and he arranged a humiliation on live webcam for certain of his Boston-area fans. The jury is still out on whether the Anons were joined by Moot’s confederates to make them look ridiculous. Anyway, it looks like Moot tried to appease Scientology who may have contacted him and threatened him somehow. This is conjecture, but far closer to the truth than you will get anywhere else, especially from the horse’s mouth.

  47. LULZYSHIT says:

    3 Definite trolls, 2 more probable. A bunch of newfaggots responded and BAWW ensued.


  48. George says:

    The “scientologists oppose medicine” is a pretty good reason for why Anonymous would have carried out this attack. If people died from it, they would most likely be people who weren’t on seizure medicine. So the attack would give them more fodder to present reasons why scientology harms people (its a shame they couldn’t realize how they were harming people just as badly as any scientologist ever has)

    I ask you this – if 7chan truly believes that this was not an Anonymous attack than why does the denial letter end with blaming the administrators of the epilepsy forum for the severity of what happened? The administrators didn’t put those pictures up, and they aren’t immune from having seizures induced by rapidly flashing lights. Why would 7chan be blaming the victims for the attack if they honestly felt sorry for them being attacked?

  49. George says:


    why does the denial letter seriously downplay what happened to the users of the epilepsy forum – “There have been reports of mild seizures and migraine headaches by forum visitors.”

    Dozens of people had to go to the ER because of the seeverity of the seizures that were induced from the attacks. Many had seizures for the rest of day as a result. the people who only experienced mild seizures or migraines were in the minority and they were the lucky ones

  50. dschibut says:

    I began this thread to evaluate public available web proxies:

    Which are really anonymous?

    Which can be used with facebook, myspace etc, in other words: are fresh ?

    Which can you recommend?

    Thanks for your help,

    P.S.: In my land, the freedom of speech is somehow constrained, please give me a hint, if you have doubts about your recommendation.

  51. Tim says:

    If you are so innocent than why did you allow 7channers to plan another attack on epileptics after this one occurred? It would take you all of 10 minutes to set up your site to make it difficult, rather than insanely easily, to plan these attacks here.

    SEIZURES KILL PEOPLE. – anyone who has participated in these attacks, can be brought up on charges of attempted murder. And you can be guaranteed the epilepsy foundation will make sure thats what you will be charged on when caught

  52. L. Ron Brown says:


    Are you speaking to me? Did planning occur here? If so, it’s news to me. I’ve barely even looked at the blog in months, though I do let all comments aside from spam go through.

  53. GOD says:

    we are going to get you!

  54. Rick says:

    It’s obvious 7chan is blaming the COS because they did it. Anonymous is a pathetic entity that should be destroyed. Not just oldnons, every last one of them.

    This isn’t a war on COS, it’s a much greater war on religious freedom. I don’t agree with anything the COS says, but if people want to follow it it’s their fucking choice.

    Anonymous is just sticking their guy fawkes assfaces into this and it’s just sad.

  55. RB says:


    Wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s so unbelievably wrong. Do yourself a favour and actually look into what exactly the protestors have been saying before pretending like you know. This is precisely a war against CoS, and it is explicitly not a war against any other religion or religious freedom in general. Hell, it’s not even a war against the Scientology belief system. It is and always has been a war against anti-human rights conduct of this dangerous cult.

    As for the epilepsy board raid, yes, that actually was members of Anonymous it turned out. But here’s the thing about Anonymous: it’s not in anyway a coherent organization. The anonymous person/people that did the epilepsy raid is not connected to the Scientology raids. Anonymous, not having any internal structure, is simply people doing things anonymously. Some will do this, some will do that. Yes, there is an anonymous subculture of lulz, but that does not imply that everyone who associates with the social concept is a part of or supportive of what some segments of anons do. And really, there is a distinction between the protesting Anon culture and the Old Anons. The protesting culture was born out of old Anon in conjunction with the discovery of extant non-Anon critics. Old Anon existed prior to and after the starting up of the protests. The protests is just one example of some anons doing this while other anons do that, or that, something else.

    And importantly, the raids were taken on anonymously – e.g., with masks – to protect protestor identities from a cult that has a long and disgusting track record of harassing and terrorizing critics.

  56. anonB says:

    Anonymous is just that! There is no definition as to what it is. It is purely humanity with no identifiers. We know that humanity is both good and evil. Newfags fail by trying too hard to be anon. Oldfags fail by trying to define what anon really is. Every other fag fails for their own reason. We all fail but we stay anonymous.

  57. Brian says:

    Anonymous has done these attacks for years. Anyone who partakes in scientology protests is giving credence to Anonymous’s behavior – and thats all of their behavior, including their vicious attacks on epilepsy websites.

    Only people who support such attacks would participate in any event organized by Anonymous. if you didn’t want to give Anonymous support for their epilepsy and other nasty, unprovoked attacks, you wouldn’t be going to any Anonymous organized protest. You’d be creating your own, so that you could achieve good, without putting horrible people and a horrible organization up on a pedestal. Oldfag or new, if you participate in anything to do with Anon, you are telling the world you support Anon. At least scientologist don’t go out and actively try to kill people like Anon does with these hijacks they do a few times a year. If you were so concerned about human rights violations you would be just as eager to protest Anon, as you are to protest scientology. And you’d show your concern for human life by boycotting Anonymous Protests, Not going out to them to trick the world into thinking Anon actually cares for human life

  58. RB says:

    I’m not going to bother trying to explain to things to you until you respond to this comment, just so that I get the feeling that you’ll actually see the response.

  59. Matt says:

    At least scientologist don’t go out and actively try to kill people like Anon does with these hijacks they do a few times a year.

    I’d disagree with that statement, as plenty of documentation is available which indicates otherwise.

  60. Anonymous says:


    I begin this with an Ad Homonym Attack because you probably will not actually take the time to read reason, or you would not accept it whilst being presented, so: You are, without a doubt, a completely illogical churl…

    Now I will give my reasoning:

    1.) You have claimed that by supporting a protest against Scientology, you are affirming that you support every one of “Anon’s” actions.

    I will now abstract your comment to its logical set theory:

    2.) If an individual participates in an activity that is identical, or related to an activity in which another group of individuals also participates, the individual fully supports all actions in which all members of said group partake.

    This is, and I use a reducto ad hitlarum here to make this painfully obvious for you–that you might understand your ignorance–the superset of concepts that relates the following element to that superset:

    3.) If the Nazi’s protested Catholicism, and you also protested Catholicism, you support everything that the Nazi’s support.

    You have constructed sets based on false premise inference and attempted to construct a tautology therefrom…

    As several individuals have pointed out, Anonymous is no more a coherent group than the members of the Epilepsy forum themselves are…

    By participating on the forums that are 7chan, one is no more a part of the nefarious activities of certain individuals, than are innocent Epileptics, who participate on their forum, in which, statistically speaking, at least one of them is likely a sex-offender, pedophiles.

    I hope that makes things clear for you.

    Though this may have been the work of a few callous newfags, who in their immeasurable ignorance, thought it was “lulzy” or commical to raid a forum populated by a community with a common medical concern, I cannot say for certain. I do not have the IP lists that prove who the posters inciting this raid were, and those are long gone by now.

    However, as an anonymous participant of the 7chan network, AND incidentally an alumnus of a Scientologist boarding school, I have a fairly unique perspective as to what lengths, and extrema, brainwashed individuals will go to “defend” that organization. So I would not be too quick to defend them, if I were in your position.

    I was once detained in a small room next to an “ethics office” without meal until I omitted to “overts” that I did not commit, I found myslef making up violations simply for food and the right to return to my dorm-room.

    The entire time there, I might also add, they preached the “dangers of psychiatry” and the evils of pharmaceuticals.. the very drugs that protect the individuals from their symptoms.

    Though some of their rhetoric, and actually the majority of the low levels of their “philosophy” is practical, and derives from works of men including Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates–all of which we were required to read–it is inherently obvious to those not easily convinced, that the very tactics that are used in early Scientologist rhetoric to enhance study, are capable, and in fact, the very same, used to brainwash their followers into bonding more thoroughly with their religion than to their families.

    Those falling through their ethics cycles to the condition of “treason” which, when the definition is read from the works derived from L. Ron Hubbard nearly encapsulates all who disagree with the philosophies and practices of the organization to which they belong, are considered suppressive persons, or, at minimum those affected by suppressive persons. They are encouraged to reevaluate their situation and then required to cut ties with those who they have decided, or more commonly, convinced, are suppressive persons.

    They are required to sign contracts that override their right to psychiatric attention. The same contract which gives the Church of Scientology and its affiliates the power to make medical decisions for individuals when they are incapacitated.

    That is merely the tip of the iceberg, and I pray that you are an intelligent enough man to recognize your ignorance on the matter, and not make brash public tirades on your uninformed judgements. And to not make any judgements on such complex issues until you have educated yourself on the matter, and thereby possess even the slightest concept to what you are referring.

    Anonymous has no organization, no structure, and is consistently undermanned, they haven’t the time or power to control all of the content on their site. You also cannot blame the provider of a forum for the content its users upload. Individuals however, may be, but as a group they have no more control, or even knowledge of their compatriots’ actions and identities than you have over every other myspace account.

    Scientology does have organization, and they have not only threatened to use their accumulated wealth and power to make lives miserable for those who oppose, or even question them, but have actively done exactly so. They are responsible for the deaths of several individuals by negligence. They are actively, and admittedly, on a conquest to “clear” the planet via conversion, and will stop at nothing to reach that goal. Their goals ore no better than the three crusades historically responsible for more bloodshed in the name of any monotheistical God. Their fight is a religious one, and it is an intolerant one–regardless of their claims to the opposite.

    The attacks perpetrated against the Epilepsy forums are not only regrettable, but reprehensible. No one can justify them as ethical.


    stfu n00b.

  61. Anon says:

    Scientologyfags can post things on 7chan just like anyone else. Soon youfags are going to call for a law against anonymity online. So fucking stupid.

  62. the “old annon” don’t care about this or anything else, we were here for things to be free/funny/offensive” any joke you cant say to your friends, you can say with us and its fair game. any problem you have you say to us and if its gonna be funny to deal with we will help. to any old fags here, remember tom green? or Mitchael? wheres my ipod? its never been about being “good” its about being free. anyone who calls themselves annon at this point that follows this crusade, had better bring back amazing lulz, or they need to get curtains and a dog. and if they dont know what that means, they don’t belong at all.

  63. anallekage says:

    we are not “one mind” we are individuals.

    when we want to be a force, its because of the lulz nothing more nothing less.

    this Scientology thing showed the “oldannon” who the people who “got it” and those who didn’t were.

    i thank this whole thing for removing all the retards from our arena of thought

  64. Brian says:

    Puh-lease read what you are responding. otherwise you just make yourself look out to be a big asshole.

    Showing up at an anti-catholic protest does nothing to show you support nazi ideals. Showing up at any event organized by the Nazi’s, even if its a “adopt the world’s orphan’s” day, shows that you fully support what the Nazi’s did, and want people to see their ethnic cleansing of the Jews, gays and the like as a good thing. Just as when you do anything at all with the anonymous group you are telling everyone that you fully support their regular attempted murder attacks on innocent epileptics who have gathered together for no other reason than to share advice and tips to help make a life where you are so disabled that going to a store requires an eyepatch and a friend to watch you a little more bearable and easy to deal with. If you didn’t support harassing, harming, and otherwise attacking innocent people who were sought out for no other reason than they had a condition that enabled them to be victimized in a way that was impossible for them to defend themselves against. you would never consider going to any event organized by anonymous – unless you were only there to protest the crimes against humanity and attacks against innocent victims that anonymous regularly engages in and has been doing for years.

    if you had one ounce of moral fiber in you for protesting COS you would be ashamed to stand beside a group like anonymous. They are a hate group. This attack on the epilepsy forum is common place for them – the only thing rare about it was that it was more prolific. Just as any one who cares about orphans would be ashamed to hold hands with Hitler while they promote the adoption of orphans. You don’t join up with a hate group unless you want to promote hate. Anonymous is a hate group. Thats what they are founded on, and thats what they are still doing today, and quite regularly. They go out and attack innocent people. Doesn’t matter if you participate in that violence or not. by attending their protests you are helping trick other people into thinking there is actually something moral behind anonymous, which means that people can feel free to say “I’m participating in an anonymous raid.” Without getting the despise, comments, etc that are deserving of such a hatefilled group bent on attacking as many defenseless innocent people as they can seek out.

    You don’t go to a Nazi -organized protest unless you want to show the world your support for gassing innocent Jews. You don’t go to an Anonymous organized protest unless you want to show the world your support for attempting to murder innocent epileptics. If you had a moral reason for protesting COS you could easily do it without joining a hate group whose main purpose, and well known main purpse at that, wasn’t to harass innocent people in order to cause as much harm as possible for the lolz. You could organize your own protest, and Hey, you wouldn’t be part of a hate group then. You’d even have a basis to the claim that you were protesting for moral or good reasons because you wouldn’t be linking hands with people who only started the protests for the fun of harassing, and who you know are going home to find more ways to harass innocent and weak people. The same people who attempted to murder those epileptics, have hacked into hospitals, changing records, have hacked into myspace/facebook etc and sent threatening messages to known depressed individuals, they’ve shut down other charity groups etc., And you can see photos where they laugh about this along with their laughter over their COS raids on Anonymous forums, complete with screen shots. You don’t stand next to anonymous without supporting all of that crap. Just like you don’t stand next to nazi’s, chanting with them, without supporting nazi ideals. Which interestingly enough, there are plenty of examples that show anonymous as an entity does just that. Is that why you chose to bring up the Nazi’s? Or were you just trying to get an epic fail and picked the one topic that any idiot on the internet could have told you that bringing up would guarantee meant you lost the argument automatically? Of course joining a hate group, that is first and foremost a hate group, actively engaging in hate-filled attacks that could result in the death of an innocent person who never would have encountered them had they not sought out that person just because they knew that person had a disability that could be exploited, and defending that hate group as a moral group shows a lot about your intelligence. You’ve been brainwashed deeper than any sci-on has if you have thought for so much as one second that anonymous could be considered any less of a hate group than the KKK can

  65. Brian says:

    Funny annalle.

    “we are not one mind, we are individuals.”

    That is what scientologists say, too.

  66. Brian says:

    Scientologist kill by negligence. – you admit this is wrong

    Yet you see nothing wrong with Anonymous actively planning out an attack to kill people by INTENTION. And yes we all know it was anonymous. The thread was planned on 7chan, and it was discussed for 2 weeks in advance. That was 2 weeks in which you expect us to believe that none of the moderators or the site owners realized that attempted murder was being planned on their site – if they are that overwhelmed they need to take their site down, because they obviously aren’t capable of being responsible.

    And you also expect us to believe that anonymous is full of good, moral people who use 7chan, but during those 2 weeks, not one of them saw that thread and alerted the authorities to the mass attempted murder being planned there so that it could be stopped before people were put into danger?

    And you expect us to believe that anonymous is good, better than the scientologist who kill by neglligence, because anonymous only actively and intentionally tries to kill people. Seriously, where the fuck is your brain? did you watch to many anon videos before posting?

  67. namefag says:

    Wow, so much bawwfaggotry in the comments section.

    If you guys only knew the irony of accusing each other to be newfags.

    Seriously, shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and just do it for the lulz.

    Learn to troll, learn to piss people off, learn to manipulate, know what is lulz and what is not.

    (Also use a proxy and slap around your anonymity like a giant cock)

  68. beppreesk says:

    Fantastic web site – will definitely come back again!

  69. justsomeguy says:

    Needing to go Anon to get lulz, THAT’S gay.

    Using “gay”/”faggot” for something lame. Well, that’s high school macho bullshit … And it definitely makes you gay.

    Posting 400 lines+ on the subject of who’s a fag and who knows lulz … Boy, that makes you freaking George Michaels.

    My guess … You boys got beat up a lot *during* high school and haven’t really been able to wet your willies regularly since you got out.

    I feel for you, Anons. Cruelty is a very, very poor reason to feel good about yourself.

  70. MichaellaS says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

  71. Dolabrorp says:


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  75. An underlying cause of epilepsy, if available (a brain tumour, etc.), must be treated and given priority. However, drug treatment to control an attack/ s of epilepsy remains the same, whether the patient suffers from a case of idiopathic epilepsy or symptomatic epilepsy, where though the cause has been detected, but nevertheless, drug treatment is needed.

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    Hours before congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords had been wounded severely, Jared Loughner’s descent into violence took place on a furious all-night excursion through the dark streets of Tucson, meandering from one store to another as he prepared to take revenge on a world from which he had become increasingly alienated. He checked into a down-and-out motel. He picked up photos showing him holding a Glock 19 handgun while wearing only [b]a bright red G-string[/b].

    He then uploaded the picture to his myspace profile picture and typed a farwell bulletin. Shortfly aftward Jared made his way to a Walmart superstore and purchased 9mm ammunition and a black, backpack.

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    Police in Colorado said an apartment building was evacuated when a manager confused a home beer-brewing operation with a meth lab.

    Colorado Springs police said the apartment building at 2400 Tremont St. was evacuated Monday and a Hazardous Materials team was brought in after the manager conducted a routine inspection and discovered a pair of 5-gallon buckets giving off an odor he suspected to be involved with the production of meth, The (Colorado Springs) Gazette reported Wednesday.

    However, residents were allowed back into the building after about 45 minutes when the buckets were found to contain home-brewed beer

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    Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was arrested early Saturday outside Atlanta on a drunken driving charge, sheriff’s officials said.

    The former Super Bowl MVP and reigning “Dancing With the Stars” champ was booked into the DeKalb County jail at 3:41 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence. A jail official said he was released on $1,300 bond, though the sheriff’s office website said his bond was set at $1,000. The discrepancy couldn’t be immediately resolved Saturday.

    The sheriff’s office said it had turned over paperwork to the courts and couldn’t release any further information about the player’s arrest. DeKalb County police did not return repeated emails and phone calls seeking details of the arrest.

    Atlanta lawyer Andrew Ree issued a statement saying the 35-year-old Ward cooperated fully with police and truthfully answered their questions.

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