Anonymous Boston Scientology Protester Being Fair Game’d, SPREAD THE WORD

The following is a cut-and-paste from GlossLip:

I keep reading more and more stories about members of Anonymous being tracked down, harassed, entrapped and incarcerated at the hands of the Church of Scientology.

In some ways, this should come as no surprise based on the vicious and litigious history of the CoS, but in this day and age you would think a legitimate religion could withstand criticism and continue to thrive and move forward. But therein lies the problem, Scientology is NOT a legitimate religion in its current form. I am even beginning to suspect it may not be a legitimate philosophy in any form.

Up until now, I have reserved calling the Church of Scientology a cult. Well, I guess the time has come for me to take off the rose-colored glasses, as clearly David Miscavige and those within the Church of Scientology who support him are in fact running a brutal and ruthless CULT for the sole purpose of destroying lives, obtaining power and making as much money as possible.

Let’s talk about Gregg. He is a young man who lives in Boston. Here’s his story as it was relayed to me:

“Today Gregg received a summons for criminal trespass and criminal harassment.

An 8 inch stack of complaints have been filed against him by the cult. But they finally got one to stick.

The Boston anons go out flyering every weekend. On March 9th the anons that Gregg was with decided to hand deliver the flyers to the Church on Beacon Street in Boston .

As the anons walked up the front stairs to the Boston Church, 4 Scientologists came rushing out and Gregg and the anons handed the Scientologists the flyers. The Scientologists asked the anons to leave and so they did leave, immediately. The anons have it all on video.

However the Church as managed to somehow get this one to stick and brought charges against Gregg.

Gregg will be making a scan of the summons for people to see.”

There are several caveats to this story which I am not including, but suffice it to say that Gregg was singled out for a reason, and like the predator the CoS is, they pounced on Gregg and are using him to set an example.

The reason they’ve been allowed to do this, they being Scientology, is because the mainstream media, or as Andrew Morton called them, “the elite media” (and out of touch I’d add) refuse to follow up on the story in any way. Without the pressure of the big media, Scientology will be able to destroy people like Gregg, and anyone else they single out of the herd.

I am angry, frustrated, mentally taxed, bewildered and disgusted that people who call themselves journalists are intentionally and flagrantly avoiding any kind of critical analysis of Scientology’s evil, vile practices and by way of this side-stepping, condoning the “fair gaming,” “disconnection policy,” “unfair tax protection and exemption” which the CoS is allowed to perpetrate unchecked.

I don’t know Gregg, but I don’t have to. I know the many, many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and associates who make up Anonymous, and any one of them could be Gregg. Gregg could be you some day, and Gregg, could definitely be me. It’s only a matter of time. This is how Scientology has managed to survive, no better yet, thrive. In the dark places where good people avoid, in secrecy, in veiled and implied threats.

This cannot go on. The destruction MUST stop.

Gregg needs legal counsel, assistance and likely, moral support in fighting these charges and I appeal to those with the means and know-how to contact me so we can help Gregg. In fact, I propose a fund or a network be set up to help folks like Gregg, for there will be more.

Anonymous has strength in its numbers, I challenge Anonymous to prove it is stronger than the CoS, more powerful than the media, more courageous than the authorities and more moral than the government.

It’s time to circle the wagon, protect the herd.


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6 Responses to “Anonymous Boston Scientology Protester Being Fair Game’d, SPREAD THE WORD”
  1. Mento says:

    If you don’t know this guy, how do you KNOW whether he’s innocent of criminal harassment? The fact that the charges stuck indicates that the police and court system think there’s something there also. Or are you saying they’re all part of the Scientology conspiracy too?

    Clearly your anti-Scientology zeal has now surpassed the boundaries of fairness and common sense: “I don’t know Gregg, but I don’t have to.” WTF? You might as well just come out and say “don’t confuse me with facts”.

    And now you paranoidly blame the media for turning a blind eye when any sane person knows that if there really was a a story to any of the conspiracy theory “fair game” B.S. stories, they’d be all over it. They aren’t reporting on it because there’s no story to report. It’s all smoke and no fire.

    So, to recap: you think you know more than the entire U.S. media combined, and you think you know more than law enforcement agencies. Wow. You really like yourself, don’t you?

  2. Dawn says:


    Good to know Scientologists are out in force to try and keep the truth from being told. Nice try, but see, I am free-thinker and I smell evil cults from a mile away. I am now done playing nice, I will follow this story and do everything in my power to expose the abuses of the CoS even if no one else will.

    It’s my job, I take it seriously and there is nothing more ferocious than a tenacious journalist.

  3. L. Ron Brown says:


    According to the article, the cult has been trying to files suits on this guy for a while, failing time after time, so it seems that they’re highly motivated to go to great lengths to silence him. And trespassing? For walking up their steps? But you’re correct. I don’t know all the details of this situation. Maybe he crossed the line. If he did cross the line, I’ll be happy to eat my words and report on that, just as I just recently wrote a post that was highly critical of a pair of Vancouver protesters for crossing the line into intimidation and harrassment.

    However, the cult does have a long track-record of similar moves to suppress free speech. Tory “Magoo” Christman has spoken repeatedly about how they had her engage in operations geared at suppressing free speech, often by adopting fake/anonymous identities. Second, the cult has a history of trying to invent crimes. It did this to Paulette Cooper (operation freakout where they tried to frame her for bomb threats), Jesse Prince (planted marijuana on him), to every person they bull bait, etc.

    Given this track record and the cult’s multiple failed attempts to go after Gregg, I’m going to put my money against the cult on this one.

  4. Someone says:

    What all anons need is legal insurance. Everyone knew well ahead of time that this is the kind of tactics the CoS uses; it is plainly foolish to go into this without at LEAST a retained lawyer. The least expensive form of consistent legal protection is Pre-Paid Legal. I’m not saying this to shill for PPL; I use the service myself because we live in such a litigious society. I’m just saying this because Anonymous declared war, and should not have expected no casualties to result from this. Look at what the CoS did to Keith Henson:
    PPL charges something like $35 a month; if people pool together the money, they could easily get Greg some protection, or at least vastly reduce the cost of protecting him.

    I’m saying this in all seriousness. Look into pooling people together to get Greg PPL’s services.

  5. matt says:

    Mento: The US media is a big pile of elitist crap. I’m serious. Since every news corporation (Fox, CNN, NBC, etc) is interested in profits over journalism (they are, after all, corporations beholden to their shareholders) they can choose what to cover. Seriously covering Scientology might get them sued, which would create bad press or loss of profit/money. Seriously covering any of the problems in this country would be “boring”, “depressing,” or “unpatriotic” (scare quotes mine), so our media serves a function of kind of covering basic events. That’s why we’re lucky to have more than just corporate journalism; we have blogs, news journals and editorial journals like the Nation or US News and World Report or the Atlantic Monthly that can afford to dig a little deeper.

  6. Thetan Ass says:

    We are creating a fund for Gregg in sunny California

    educate yourselves.

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