Reader: It is unlikely that Mary DeMoss has left Scientology

demoss2.gifIn response to my post celebrating the departure of Mary DeMoss from the Cult of Scientology, I received this comment from reader Fredric L. Price of anti-Narconon website CrackPots.Org [parentheses mine]:

“There’s no evidence that Mary DeMoss has blown. In fact she’s still spam flooding the a.r.s [Alt.Religion.Scientology] newsgroup so it’s unlikely that she’s blown.”

I’ll keep on eye on this issue and post updates as they become available.

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9 Responses to “Reader: It is unlikely that Mary DeMoss has left Scientology”
  1. What’s more interesting is that Michael Rinder has “blown” and he carries away with him the knowledge of what happened on December 5’th, 1995 when he and a bunch of fellow ringleaders ALLEGEDLY carried Lisa McPherson’s lifeless remains to a hospital morgue some 40 minutes away.

    Several of the ringleaders involved were almost immediately sent outside of the United States before law enforcement could question them however eventually all of the people who were ordered to flee the US were interrogated in the countries they had fled to.

    What remains is Michael Rinder who has opposed human rights, civil rights, and engaged in domestic espionage and racketeering who has now fled, taking with him knowledge that the remaining Scientology kingpins must certainly be worried about getting divulged under oath.

    In the organized crime game, we call Mr. Rinder’s position “his health ain’t so good right now.”

    Mary DeMoss has always been a low level staff slash customer with no known knowledge of money laundering or any of the RICO predicate acts that are alleged and are documented. Having her leave would be a good thing for her own sanity (and financial well being, of course) but if she were to blow, I’m not sure whether it would be a potential problem for the remaining corporation’s higher-ups.

    Shjould be interesting, though.

    These are all my own opinions and only my own opinions.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    Many thanks for your opinions. I love having someone who’s been keeping up with the affairs posting. Please feel free (actually, feel downright encouraged) to let me know of anything you hear regarding Scientology that you think should be blogged on.

    What is RICO?

  3. Morganimal says:

    RICO is US federal law passed to attack the mafia. It makes it illegal to run or profit from illegal acts or belong to a criminal organization.

  4. Jim Lippard says:

    I’m pleased to discover your blog–your choice of subject matter, your clear writing, and your calm demeanor (which I saw exhibited in your exchange with William Petruzzo over “Expelled”) are all appealing. Keep up the good work.

  5. L. Ron Brown says:

    Jim: Thanks a lot. Your kind words have brightened my day!


  6. Xenu Jr. says:

    I was wondering whatever happened to her since she allegedly blew. She hasn’t resurfaced since. I hope for her that she did blow and is doing fine or maybe they figured her bullbaiting on Youtube to be bad pr and moved her to do something else, it’s just my opinion

  7. Finn Bjerke says:

    fascinating story, any news about Mary De Moss whereabouts?

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