Tory Christman on Shawn Lonsdale, Scientologist deaths, and how the Cult sweeps the deaths under the rug

tory1.jpgFirst, introductions. Tory Christman is a former Scientologist of 30 years who achieved the second highest educational level in Scientology: Operating Thetan level 7 (or, OT7). Around Y2K she abruptly severed her ties with the cult (or “blew”, in Scientology speak), and almost immediately after became one of the cult’s most vocal critics, joining the ranks of Wise Beard Man Mark Bunker, Bob Minton, Jesse Prince, and Stacy Brooks. Tory is most known for her efforts to spread awareness about how the cult tears families apart and stifles the free speech and thought of its members. Her fans, friends and colleagues refer to her affectionately as either Tory or Magoo. Magoo was her online identity when she was Scientologist trolling around anti-Scientology discussion groups.

In the video below which was filmed just over a month ago, Tory speaks on Shawn Lonsdale, noted self-appointed investigator and critic of the cult who died in mid-February, supposedly by way of suicide. Lonsdale was a prominent thorn in the side of the CoS. He ran a local public access television show in the Clearwater, Florida area (which is Scientology’s “spiritual headquarters” and a city which the cult has been working for years with notable success to take over) entitled Cult Watch, where he shared his findings and run-ins with the cult (including their city-wide smear campaign against him). While the official report says that Lonsdale died of suicide, many critics of Scientology (including Christman) are highly skeptical of this assessment, believing that the cult may very well have murdered him in order to silence him. I, and presumably most critics, remain agnostic. Scientology has a history of ruining lives of those who criticize it. It is, in fact, “church” policy to do this. Given this, a legitimate suicide is not at all a far-fetched possibility.

Tory also speaks of a number of other Scientologist suicides, and how the “church” deals with dead members: by trying to make like it never happened.

I called Tory yesterday to commend her for what she is doing. She and her colleagues (e.g., Bunker, Minton, Prince, and Brooks) have been blowing the whistle on Scientology well before it was “in”. As far as I’m concerned, Tory and Co. and everyone else around the world that is standing up against the oppressive abusive exploitative dissent-suppressing fear-mongering practices of this cult are heroes.

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One Response to “Tory Christman on Shawn Lonsdale, Scientologist deaths, and how the Cult sweeps the deaths under the rug”
  1. Paul Smith says:

    Dear Tory,

    I called you several months ago and told about Public and Private Nuisance laws. I do not have my notepad with an Attorneys name and phone on it, otherwise I would give it to you now. It took some checking on the Internet but you can find one. Probably the next best thing is getting an Injunction (1 being the settlement) using the above laws. I found one settlement where person filed a public nuisance lawsuit for noise from drug addicts in an apartment. The award was for $218,000.00.

    Another method of getting an Injunction, is for medical reasons; stress ,anxiety or depression can cause brain chemical imbalances. I cannot give an e-mail address now. Phone 714-376-5776. Other laws laws that may be of use are privacy laws. Being in your home is a place of solitude for you. Intruding in to your space by surveilence, physical presence, mechanical apparatus or physical senses (the source is University of Oklahoma law department I believe) is covered in Privacy Law. It does not really matter who is your harasser is. Privacy laws are punitive laws and therefore it is the ability to pay that determines the amount of your settlement.

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