Tomorrow: LIVE media tele-conference with Ben Stein and producers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Here is a cut-and-paste from an email I just received:

JOIN BEN STEIN TOMORROW, Friday, March 28 at 1:00 pm. PST for an exclusive, invitation-only

LIVE press teleconference!

Hear Ben Stein LIVE as he talks to you and other members of media, answering your questions about his upcoming, highly-controversial movie,

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Hear why leaders like Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family), Don Wildmon (American Family Association), Chuck Colson, Luis Palau, Lee Strobel and many others are so enthusiastic about the release of this film, and why many others wish it would NEVER come out…

Dear Media Member,

As one of our appreciated media partners, Motive Entertainment cordially invites you to join a special, nationwide “conference call” press junket with actor/comedian/author/speaker Ben Stein TOMORROW, Friday, March 28th at 1 p.m. PST/3 p.m. CST/4 p.m. EST, regarding one of the most controversial films of 2008, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed.

CALL-IN TO 800-983-8147 (toll-free) 866-211-2047 (toll-free) AND ENTER participant code 6481720 # – YOU MUST ALSO RSVP BELOW.

Please RSVP: immediately, as this call will fill up fast.

This is a unique, exclusive opportunity for you to listen to Ben Stein and to ask him questions live, via e-mail. The call will also be recorded and available for Podcast use.

The call will be held via phone on:


1 p.m. PST/3 p.m. CST/4 p.m. EST

Please RSVP immediately, as this call will fill up fast

Talent available for interviews on the call will include:

Ben Stein, host and star of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Logan Craft, Premise Media (producer of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed)

Walt Ruloff, Premise Media (producer of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Mark Mathis, Premis Media (producer of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed)

Paul Lauer, president, Motive Entertainment (grass roots marketing company behind films like The Passion and Chronicles of Narnia)

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is already receiving

National News Coverage,0,882898.story

One blog is even asking the question Will This Be the “Passion” Movie of 2008?


EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed follows Ben Stein on his journey around the globe where he discovers that scientists, educators and philosophers are being persecuted in a modern day witch hunt because they dare to question Darwin’s theory of evolution and propose that life on this planet could be a part of some intelligent design and not random chance.

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed exposes Darwin elitists who suppress all who disagree with them – even scientists whose new EVIDENCE erodes Darwin’s claims. The film confronts scientists such as Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, influential biologist and atheist blogger PZ Myers and Eugenie Scott, head of the National Center for Science Education.

The creators of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed crossed the globe with Ben Stein, interviewing scores of scientists, doctors, philosophers and public leaders. The result is a startling revelation that freedom of thought is being expelled from high schools, universities and research institutions.

For more information, go to Leader resources can be found at


Lesley Burbridge-Bates
Motive Entertainment

[E-Mail Address Removed for Burbridge-Bates’ privacy]

What people are saying about

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed:

“Ben Stein’s film, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, makes a powerful case for “Intelligent Design” in explaining the origins of life and the creation of the universe. It also exposes an entrenched and aggressive Darwinist establishment in academia that suffocates all competing points of view. Highly qualified professors and scientists who dare to question evolutionary orthodoxy are systematically excluded or summarily dismissed. It is political correctness run amuck on university campuses. Stein sets out on a mission to find out why I.D. is most often expelled from the public square, and what he discovers in this riveting documentary is incredibly enlightening. I recommend the film enthusiastically.”

-James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, Focus on the Family

“Ben Stein’s EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed packs a powerful and entertaining punch that will shake the foundations of Darwin’s fortress within science and education. Those who are suppressing belief in God and trying to make materialism the law of the land should beware. Ben Stein is on a mission to stop the suppression, and millions of Americans are behind him.”

-Pat Robertson, Host, The 700 Club, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

“Embracing and endorsing chaos devalues all aspects of life. EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed reveals that truth and scientific discovery has been disregarded by the guardians of atheistic Darwinism. Thank God for a few courageous individuals who dare to ask the difficult questions with no fear of the real answers.”

-James Robison, Host of LIFE Today

“I love Ben Stein. We worked together in politics many years ago. He’s a charming, engaging, and very bright guy. He’s on the right track here. What he’s doing in this film is extremely important because it is opening up an honest debate in the public square where people can hear reasoned arguments on both sides and make their own conclusions.”

– Chuck Colson, Radio Commentator, Founder of Prison Fellowship

“This is an enormously important project and I am so proud of the fact that Ben Stein, who is a national treasure, is part of it. People know that there is a dictatorial impulse at work in the land to shut down even the most elementary questioning of this unquestionable belief in random evolution and the American people don’t like being told by their ‘betters’ what they are supposed to believe.”

-Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio host

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is earthshaking. I was absolutely blown away. Ben Stein boldly shines a light of honest inquiry revealing that evolution’s emperor has no clothes. It will have Darwin’s disciples scurrying for the shadows. Everyone in America, even skeptics of Intelligent Design, must see this film. They can’t possibly walk away without at least admitting that the debate over who we are and how we got here is far from over. The controversy will be intense, so get ready for a rollercoaster ride.”

-J. Matt Barber, Director for Cultural Issues, Concerned Women for America

“Recently, our entire North America executive leadership team had the opportunity to preview EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. As we discussed the movie following the viewing there was unanimous agreement that the movie is very well done and clearly addresses the seemingly unending attack on those who reject the notion of evolution as the cause of our being; that is, evolution, simply defined as life emerging from the ooze. The pervasive bias of many academics against exploring the reality or non-reality of transcendence is pointedly evident in the film. Ben Stein has done an outstanding job of pulling together a cross section of interviews that point out the blatant discrimination against many in the scientific community who would embrace “intelligent design” or even more specific aspects of the reality of God. At the same time his interviews with avowed atheists is well done as he elicits responses that leave grave doubt regarding their position of absolute disbelief in a creator and/or God. We highly recommend the movie to anybody. It is not only informative and challenging—it is fun to watch.”

– Ken Smitherman, President, Association of Christian Schools International

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed offers a compelling examination of an important topic for everyone who values the freedom to explore ideas that challenge conventional wisdom. Ben Stein has given us a powerful documentary about the widespread repression of faith-friendly scientific scholarship. Along the way, he also makes a strong case for a return to civil discourse in a time when political correctness often overshadows the search for truth. EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is an engaging film that features a winning combination of humor and reason with just the right tone needed to bring its significant story to the worldwide audience.”

-Ronald D. Ellis, Ph.D., President, California Baptist University

“It’s no surprise to those of us trying to communicate the Good News that God is now excluded from most scientific discourse on campuses and in the media. We are seeing the consequences of locking matters of faith out of our classrooms. We applaud Ben Stein for casting light on today’s challenges to academic freedom.”

-Luis Palau, President, Luis Palau Association

“Propaganda molds minds in a very direct way and that is the logjam in this situation, which the Ben Stein movie, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, by being entertaining, seeks to break through. I wish it well – I hope under God it will have a great effect just at that point.”

-Dr J.I. Packer, theologian

“We had a chance to see a private, pre-screening of Ben Stein’s upcoming film, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. The movie is powerful…shocking….intense….humorous at times….well worth seeing. This message must be given to the next generation or else….”

-Jack Brown, CEO, Capitol Prayer

“Something we all need to ask ourselves in life is ‘What am I here for?’ You know, if we are just ‘lucky mud’ then these questions don’t mean much at all. But there is a God and he did create us. So if the Ben Stein movie is asking these questions and if somebody is keeping us from finding out the great answers to the great questions – then maybe they are more than just questions. Maybe they are questions with eternal consequences.

-Peter Furler, lead singer, The Newsboys

“It is rare to find a movie that is entertaining, educational and motivational, but that is exactly what you get with Ben Stein’s documentary, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Ben puts on his sneakers and interviews highly qualified scientists, academics and journalists who have had their careers ruined because they dared to question the modern day creation story of Darwinian evolution. Equally revealing are Ben’s interviews with the leading academics behind the Darwinian establishment such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, William Provine and PZ Myers. This movie only samples the tip of the iceberg of academic and intellectual persecution in the land of “freedom” and may trigger a cultural revolution as more people are emboldened to tell their story and make a stand.”

-Dennis Wagner, Executive Director Access Research Network

“Finally, someone has exposed the head-in-the-sand reaction of mainstream academia when it comes to intellectual honesty and the theological implications of modern science. This film is a wonderfully crafted gift to this needy culture. My only regret is that I didn’t make this film!”

-Ed Flanagan, Manitou Motion Picture Company, Ltd.

“I want to thank you for your film, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. I appreciate that you took a thoughtful and sometimes humorous look at a very serious issue. In the cultural debate, there are few things more important than our concept of the origin of life, yet this very topic is suffering from the tyranny of censorship and honest argumentation and has been expelled from the classrooms and laboratories. Honest people have no fear of the truth. Your movie raises the question, “Why would there be such opposition to the idea of Intelligent Design?” For those who rejoice in the truth, there is nothing to lose! If ID is wrong, a healthy debate will point out its errors and if there are holes in Darwin’s theories, then an honest critique will only bring us closer to the truth. EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is a great first step in tearing down the wall and bringing honest, vigorous debate back to the academies.”

-Curtis Martin, President-Fellowship of Catholic University Students



 My sentiments on Intelligent Design and the position endorsed in this crocumentary:

8 Responses to “Tomorrow: LIVE media tele-conference with Ben Stein and producers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”
  1. Matt says:

    I assume this will just be another case of pre-screened questions from sychophants. Again. Just like past ‘press conferences’ when about the only people who got to ask questions were members of the films public relations team.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:


    Yes, my expectations mirror yours.

  3. Ken says:

    This email came from a public relations firm Rogers & Cowan (

    I wonder if there is some way of conveying to them the offensive nature of their clients activities?

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Ken: freedom of speech entails freedom to offend. But at the same time, what about that difficult grey area of bold-faced bullshit?

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