BLOWN! Mary DeMoss has left the building! Next on “As the Cult of Scientology Crumbles”…

The Cult of Scientology is crumbling. It is facing its greatest challenge ever in the thousands of protesters, mostly anonymous, that have come to its “church” doors repeatedly over the past few months. Many of its methods of harassment, intimidation, and noisy investigation have become far less tenable as the number of critics has multiplied into the thousands, and only stands to grow larger and more driven by such underhanded practices. More and more ex-Scientologists are speaking out about the cult’s abusive oppressive isolationist family-destroying dissent-suppressing fear-mongering conduct. And on top of this, Scientologists are leaving the cult. A notable loss came this past Summer when Mike Rinder, commanding officer of the Office of Special Affairs (i.e., the cult’s own personal mafia) blew. Blew is CoS lingo for leaving Scientology without going through the proper channels (read: months of interrogation geared at determining if the infidel has acted against the cult, attempting to get the infidel to reconsider, and possibly obtain some blackmail material).

Recently, another fairly prominent Scientologist has blown: Mary DeMoss. DeMoss has gained some YouTube notoriety for her intense “handling” (read: antagonism) of noted critics such as Bob Minton, Mark Bunker, Tory (Magoo) Christman, and Stacy Brooks. She was a regular on Mark Bunker’s Xenu TV. Here are a few videos of her in action.

In this video, she attempts to get under Mark Bunker’s skin (or “bull bait” him) by repeatedly insulting him.

Mark Bunker appropriately named this next video Mary-(DeMoss)-Go-Round.

(Oddly, this video appears not to be working here, but here is the link to it on YouTube, where it is working. I have no idea…)

This last video is where I first heard of DeMoss’ departure. Mark Bunker is very sweet in it.

I’ve seen Ms. DeMoss in action in a number of contexts, all on video. I’ve seen her “handling” picketers on a number of occasions. I’ve also seen her misrepresent the aims of the Foundation for Religious Tolerance at Clearwater town council. The Foundation for Religious Tolerance, by the way, was a Scientology front group founded by DeMoss, which was dedicated to protesting the anti-Scientology film The Profit; I conjecture that it probably also attempted to counter other anti-Scientology efforts, too, but this is just my educated guess. DeMoss is a big loss for the cult. She was a leader within Scientology, having founded the FRT and also having served as Executive Director of the Citizen’s Commission for Human Rights, which is Scientology’s front group dedicated to opposing and slandering psychiatry. DeMoss was also one of the more aggressive and articulate “handlers” in Clearwater, the cult’s “spiritual headquarters”.

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A reader has said that it is unlikely that DeMoss has blown.

9 Responses to “BLOWN! Mary DeMoss has left the building! Next on “As the Cult of Scientology Crumbles”…”
  1. benjdm says:

    Second video has been taken down. What was in it?

  2. L. Ron Brown says:


    Greetings. I have no idea why the video isn’t working here. Here is a link to the very same file, which seems to be working just fine when accessed directly on YouTube:

    I’ve also added this link to the post itself, right beneath the video.

  3. There’s no evidence that Mary DeMoss has blown. In fact she’s still spam flooding the a.r.s newsgroup so it’s unlikely that she’s blown.

  4. George O'Well says:

    Her behaviour towards Mark Bunker was shameful but typical of her and her friends. It’s a loss to the firm for sure for she was not as much of a B-Movie bully like Mike Rinder, who has also ‘blown’ but is unlikely to speak about it because of the the nasty and illegal things he did whilst he was a member.

    If she does come out she will be welcomed and protected by those very people whom she so viciously attacked. And she has a lot to contribute. Hopefully there’s nothing embarrassing in her auditing files.

  5. Jim says:

    She has not blown.

  6. Sven says:

    ANONYMUS GERMANY WILL DELETE SCIENTOLOGY!!! We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  7. Louis Aubin says:

    Now! January 2013. Is she IN or OUT of Scientoloy?

    Assuming that she has left it, I can only wish her the best of luck.

    She certainly is a very charming and dynamic person; clearly showing that this is a destructive cult.

    I agree with MB: The anti-Sci. community community would benifit form her contribution.

  8. RON PARKER says:

    Fuck Lientology!

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