Write Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Boycott Mexico to get Brenda Martin home

I hope that readers will join in and write Prime Minister Stephen Harper (pm@pm.gc.ca) and encourage people to boycott travel to Mexico and the purchase of Mexican products until Brenda Martin is released from her unjust Mexican imprisonment, receives a sincere public apology from the Mexican government, and a multi-million dollar payment as an attempt at restitution for her 2+ years of unjust detainment.

The story of Brenda Martin:

From SaveBrendaFund.Ca:

Brenda Martin is a Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in a Mexican jail since February 2006. Brenda’s family have been desperately attempting to raise awareness of her plight, calling on the Canadian Government to ensure that she receives a fair trial.

Brenda has had limited contact with her family and friends, and at this point, her fate is in the hands of the Mexican Government. Brenda, a Canadian Citizen, has now been held in jail, without due process, for over 2 years. She has tried to commit suicide three times, losing over 30 pounds making her under 100 pounds in weight. She is depressed and despondent and believes that no one cares. Those who have seen her recently say that she will not live for another 6 months unless she is freed from jail.

The Hon. Paul Macklin, P.C., former Liberal M.P. for Northumberland – Quinte West has been leading the fight for Brenda to have a fair, transparent trail – raising funds and awareness to this issue. Recently Paul stated that “We’re only just getting started, we have created the means for individuals to be part of this fight for individual human rights” he said. “This woman is Canadian and she needs our help. I think people understand that.”

Funds donated to the ‘Save Brenda Fund’ will go toward Brenda’s health needs and legal costs to help fight for Brenda Martin’s release.

Martin appears to be absolutely innocent of all for which she is being held for. What is she being held for? She was detained because of big-money Internet fraud committed by her former employer. But she was a chef. She wasn’t in any of the meetings involved in planning and discussing the fraud operations. The head of the operation who is currently being held in the US, moreover, has even stated that she was uninvolved and unaware of what he had been working on during her 10 months of employment with him (before he terminated her employment).

The case of Brenda Martin is one of many cases of horrible inhumane treatment being exercised in the world today. Surely this story has brought to mind thoughts of Guantanamo. Seeing Brenda in her anguish brought to life the depth of the reality of these horrible situations.

 To make a donation to help fund Brenda’s health and legal costs, click here.

To everyone: Please help spread the word on this travesty of justice and human rights and help pressure the Mexican government to exercise social responsibility by publicly boycotting Mexican travel, investment and purchases until serious efforts are made to right this horrible and prolonged wrong, and by encouraging PM Harper to do all that he can to see that Ms. Martin is brought home as soon as possible.

4 Responses to “Write Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Boycott Mexico to get Brenda Martin home”
  1. Lisa Sharples says:

    Canada should get Brenda Martin out of Mexico as soon as possible. It is incomprehensible that she has been held in a prison for two years without the Canadian Government taking action to get her freed. All Canadians should take note that if you are in trouble in Mexico, you are on your own. I tried to get in touch with the Canadian Embassy in Mexico and there was a constant busy signal and was never able to reach anyone. Who can you turn to if you are a Canadian citizen arrested in Mexico? Answer: no one

  2. Mark R says:

    Harper has said in the press that Mexico has denied her release.


    The Canadian woman imprisoned without trial in Mexico for more than two years says she’s been told Mexico has flatly rejected a request from Canada to release her.

    In an exclusive interview Wednesday with Canwest News Service, Ms. Martin said she was told by Jason Kenney, parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that the Mexicans have insisted she go through a criminal trial and be sentenced no fewer than 30 days after her lawyer files his defence.

    full article here: http://www.nationalpost.com/nationalpost/story.html?id=386883

  3. Mark R says:

    Interesting article here

    Charles Rusnell, Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Canada could have freed Martin within 72 hours: Mexican official

    A Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in Mexico for more than two years was illegally arrested and detained and could have been freed within 72 hours had Canada’s consulate done its job, says a senior federal Mexican justice official.

    The initial failure by the consulate to properly represent Brenda Martin was followed by a series of procedural blunders by the Mexican attorney general’s department and a succession of inept and corrupt Mexican defence lawyers, the source said in an exclusive interview with Canwest News Service.

    full article at link


  4. j says:

    I can’t believe what the Mexican government is doing to people like Brenda Martin. In Mexico its common for parents on vacation to be murdered in there hotel room, having your wife raped, being murdered for a few dollars. What happens when you go to the authorities and find that they are just as corrupt as the criminals. I for one am boycotting Mexico until the government trys to resolve their internal corruption. I found a petition that may help put pressure on the Mexican government to change. http://www.dontvisitmexico.com

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