Sydney Anonymous protestors rock the “Church” of Scientology

I have just stumbled upon a collection of pictures from the Sydney, Australia Anonymous protest against the Church of Scientology, where attendance has been estimated at 300.

300 people Turn Out

More pictures below.

300 People Turn Out


The Mob

For more pictures from this collection, click here.

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4 Responses to “Sydney Anonymous protestors rock the “Church” of Scientology”
  1. Tony McClelland says:


    I am surprised you were able to attract so many protesters. I ran a series of protests form 1993 to 1997, mostly on my own because those who did support me were harassed and frightened away.

    I have many publications and tens of thousands of pages of information if it is useful.

    I also started an organisation called CultAware which I closed in 1998


    Tony McClelland

  2. L. Ron Brown says:


    Greetings. I would be happy to check out and possibly post items that are relevant to the protest today. If you could provide links, that would be great. I’m wary about accepting files via email as, for all I know, you are a Scientologist trying to get me to accept a virus… “tis the nature of the beast…


  3. Anonymous says:

    where do u live? im in Chicago and we dont get very many poeple at our protests, like 30-60

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sydney anon here, we are pulling 30 – 60 ourselfs, which seems to be the biggest and best most collectives are pulling now days.

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